Saturday, December 18, 2010

Got My Free Chromium Laptop!!!

So I got my free Chromium Netbook from GOOGLE today! I was wondering what was UPS trying to deliver - I don't recall ordering anything! It was a very pleasant surprise and an excellent early Christmas present! Very Kewl! This post was written using the new chromium..

So how did I get to be so lucky? Well some time ago, I was looking for an alternative OS for no particular reason - I am a geek, what can I say? Anyway, as I was perusing through the list of open-source OSs, I came across Google's Chromium. I thought that it would be interesting to see if you had an OS that was the browser! I spend most of the time in the browser anyway so why not bypass everything else and go straight to the browser?I tried to download it but only the source-code was available The actual OS was not. So I signed up to get updates as to when it will be released. Months went by when I got an email from the Chromium team saying that since I signed up to get the updates, would I be interested in testing it out the new Chromium - in a brand new netbook provided by them! Of course, being that it was free, I signed up for it! There were a few questions but the last question asked why I deserved to get a free netbook...

well theres a lot of ins, a lot of outs, a lot of what have yous.. but I use google all the time. Not just the search - I use it for everything. I am using it right now! Anyway, I responded and said I was cool whether they send me one or not but would like to thank Google anyway for the many services I use and like most google users, take for granted. Thank you Google!!

Now that we got that out of the way, how's the new netbook? First impression - well, its black, has no markings, no logos, no nothing. Just a screen, a keyboard, a built-in webcam, a battery and a "Giant" touchpad. Other than that, there is nothing else on it I mean nothing.. no logos, no warnings... its like the hardware version of the google homepage..

Top View

Keyboad and giant touchpad

I wish the keyboard would lit if its dark so you can use it in low light

Top View when open

Bottom View

This thing is freaky fast!! If you want to get online - just online, update your facebook, submit a tweet or whatever it is that you do online in an instant, this is your answer. I mean you open the thing and its there. You are online.. I am sure Ill find things I don't like about it but so far, I am digging their style dude! Awesome!!! Thank you once again Google!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Google Schmoogle Part 2

So I got a phone call from a "Google Representative" at work today. Here's how it went

GR: Can I speak to (my predecessor's name)?
Me: I am sorry but he is no longer with the company.
GR: Well can I speak to his replacement? (in a commanding tone)
Me: I am the replacement - how can I help you.
GR: Oh my name is such and such and I am from Google. I NEED your email address so I can send you some PDFs.
Me: Ok.. uhmmmm.. What are the PDFs about?
GR: Oh I am sorry, my name is such and such and I am from GOOGLE (like I didn't heard the last time).  I NEEEED your email address so I can send you information about Google's Cloud Services
Me: (irritated at the arrogance at this point).. What if I don't want it?
GR: OH... uhmmmmm.. (amazed that I asked that question - cant believe I would say NO to GOOGLE) well its up to you... if you dont want it
Me: Ok then.. thanks??

She then hanged up the phone without saying goodbye.. Really?? That's your sales pitch?? Are they this arrogant now?? Oh NO!!  my life is ruined now because I am not going to get the PDFs about Google Cloud services! C'mon man!! Google you need to train your Sales Rep better! Understand that just because your GOOGLE doesn't mean we should be begging to BUY your service..

Google Schoomgle!!

I know Google has the "Don't Be Evil" mantra but I am starting to think that Steve Jobs might have a point about all that being a bunch of baloney! Don't get me wrong, I still like Google and most of the services it offers but my last experience with Google does not exactly translate to "not being evil".

On my previous blog I talked about a new affiliate web store I just created Like everyone else on the internet, I am an amazon affiliate.  I wanted to promote a niche product - single brew coffee maker. I used a software called Associate-O-Matic to create the links and the shopping cart for the site so I don't have to program it by hand. So I spend the time integrating it with Joomla so I can create a better landing page and recommend to users which brands of single coffee makers might be right for them. It took quite an effort but its a really slick landing page if I may say so myself! So I did the usual, submit my site, put google analytics and finally advertise the site in AdWords. Everything was going well when all of a sudden, I get an email that my ads are in violation of the Terms and Conditions of AdWords! WTF!!!! So I read the Terms and Conditions and since they really didnt't say what I violated, so I guessed. One of the items they frown upon in there was framing and mirroring sites. Well, I have that, so I emailed them about it and told them what I was trying to do. They did reply very promptly. They said that my ad was not flagged due to the frames on the site but because of the "bridging" whatever the heck that means. However, upon careful review, they no longer see the violation and would recommend to the "specialists" so they can approve my ad. First, I thought I contacted a specialist - now apparently there is a specialist to the specialist. Now I wonder how deep the rabbit hole of "specialists" go??

Anyway - I got an email the next day from adwords and according to the specialist of the specialist, my site is still in violation of the bridging policy because the checkout goes to amazon??? Really??? Cmon man!!!! That's what an affiliate store is. They did offer suggestions on how to "improve" my site by adding more references, comparisons, etc... so I can "offer" more to the end user.. Really??? well first of all, thats what I thought I did and second of all, and in the words of the dude, "who the fuck are you man?" Me, personally, I like the simple stuff when shopping for a product online. A brief description, some reviews and I buy it if I like it. Too much info and I end up not buying it.. That's just EVIL man!!! Now you want to tell people what they should and should not like!! Who died and made you gods? Oh I love this part - they put a clause in there "Google can disapprove your ads for any or no reason" wow so apparently they can disable ads because my eyes are brown. I guess if you're that big and have virtual monopoly on the search engine market, you can't help it..

From their point of view though, its their business and they can run it how they like it. If I happen to not like it, then I could fuck off.. and go somewhere else. Its not like their twisting my arm and advertise with them..

Well it sucks that I can't advertise in adwords and maybe I'm just sour graping but overall I still like to drink the Google Kool-Aid. However, I do believe that Steve Jobs has a point. Like he said in one of his speeches, the dots will connect somehow - well at least for them that is.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh boy!! Tough times lately!

I am having  a bad month so far but the good news is that I am learning a lot. First the bad part - my adsense account got disabled. Google says my site poses a risk for "invalid" clicks so they disabled it. I also learned that your Google Affiliate Network account (GAN) is tied with your adsense account. So no adsense, no GAN! Sucks! I could appeal my account but what's the point? I was not going to find my bliss through adsense and the effort required to appeal my account didn't sound that appealing - so moving on..

So - I tried another route - setup an affiliate e-commerce site. However, I did not want to setup those links myself. I wanted an "easy button" so I looked for ready-made software that can do this. Luckily for me there is a ton out there. Unluckily for me, there is a ton out there and choosing the right one became a task. I finally decided on one that seemed to have the best potential - Associate-o-Matic (AOM). AOM had the shopping cart feature I like and everything else with one exception. If you want a "mall" type site, AOM is great for that and you can have an affiliate web store in just a few clicks. If you want a customized site with your own landing page, it is a manual HTML process. I wanted a niche product, display something about that product (reviews) and show the top 5 recommended or best-selling and then show them the "mall" site. I had this great idea to integrate it with Joomla! Create the landing page and all other pages (about, contact, etc) using Joomla and take advantage of the design as well as other features in Joomla and then have the "mall" site embedded in one of the pages.

Several problems already surfaced. Embedding the "mall" site was easy - however once the user clicks on checkout, the iframe is redirected to amazon but the parent frame is still my site. What I wanted to do was if they click on checkout, the user should be directed to completely! This was a very difficult problem to solve and it took me 3 weeks to finally figure it out. AOM scripts are encrypted and therefore cannot be edited. Large part of the reason why I wasn't able to post new blogs is trying to figure out how I can do this. I tried all sorts of stuff! Server-side with PHP, syncing the SEESION variables, setting COOKIES, etc! Finally, the answer actually was a lot simpler to implement. Like most things, getting there was the hard part! I finally got the integration between Joomla and AOM. I created what I thought was a good landing page and embedded the "mall" site in there. I used Javascript - client side - to affect the behavior of the links within the iframe. Site is finally ready for SEM. The site is about single coffee makers and here is the site. If you want to see how the full integration works, just go to the site and go the "mall" site (clue - the menu button says "Shop"). Right-click and choose view-source. You should see the javascript in there. If you are looking to do the same thing, there it is, just edit a few things and you should be on your way. It took me several weeks to get this done - if you use it, this should save you some time. So your welcome!

Anyway, it might not do you any good anyway and here's why. I setup a google adwords ad for it. I thought everything was going well when I got an email stating that my ad violated the "landing page policy". Apparently, the use of iframes is frowned upon by google adwords! All that freaking effort and I can't use adwords to promote my affiliate store! FUCK!!!!!

I don't know what to do now. I am not sure if I just leave the site the way it is or redesign it again. I wanted to use this format as a template for all the other niche products I wanted to promote. Integrating AOM with Joomla was going to be my way of setting up stores very easily and quickly. If I can't promote it and drive traffic there, it's useless!

So shitty month! but I learned a lot about PHP and Javascript fucking around with this shit. In the end, it might be moot but if all else fails, at least I now know that you can't use iframes and I know more about programming PHP and Javascript. I guess I am seeing the glass half-full but still - its been a shitty month!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

SEO - Sitemaps - Free Sitemap Validator - You already have it!

In case you didn't know already, sitemaps are very important to SEO strategy. Keeping your site updated and telling the search engines about those changes are essential. Good news is generating sitemaps is a breeze. There are thousands of free tools out there - just google sitemap generator. Open Sitemap generator is one of those tools and as the name suggest is open-source. This can be very challenging as your website grows and you start to get hundreds if not thousands of links. In my case, I run  which is a classified ads website. It is starting to grow and the links are starting to pile up. I don't want to run a tool manually so I can update google about the changes.

Luckily for me, automation is built-in to open-classifieds! Open-classifieds uses a script from smart-consulting  which is also open-source. This script allows open-classifieds to generate sitemaps and then submit it to google! Sweet!! However, nothing really comes easy. Sitemaps have to follow strict rules and if you don't, your sitemap becomes invalid and your google webmaster stats show that you have an error and no URLs being indexed which is probably not true but do you really want to take the chance? The error says to validate the sitemap first prior to re-submitting. Great - easy enough but how the heck do you validate? So I googled it an found numerous sites about validating your sitemap but I didn't find any site that would help me identify where the problems are and I know there was more than one. The good ones are not free so fuck them. I have to figure this out some other way.

After some research into this, sitemaps have to be UTF-8 compliant. I have no idea what that means. As far as I was concerned at the time, it stood for Ur Totally Fucked! - 8 times!! After analyzing the error some more,  I kinda figured that the character " ; " (dot-comma - I don't know what its really called) is frowned upon by this UTF shit. The problem is really the links on the website are from the titles of the posting from the users. When they put a dash, the script converts it to a URL and converts the dash to a "ndash;" hence sitemap goes down! It's easy enough to edit the sitemap and search and replace those ";" using a text editor but the problem with that is that the next sitemap generated will have errors again. A more permanent fix is needed. Also, how do you know if that is the only thing causing the error? After reading more stuff about it, I found out that Internet Explorer is great at this. I opened my sitemap using IE and sure enough, it pointed to the errors. I was then able to identify ALL the errors and make the corrections in the database. Once those corrections were made, the script was able to create the UTF compliant XML links and IE saved the day!

There you go. If you are looking for a FREE sitemap validator, look no further than your desktop/laptop! - that is if you are using Windows of course. If you are on a MAC, well then UTF-8... ;-)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend!

A lot of things to be thankful for - family, friends and good food! Did not go out to the malls and buy any toy this year! As part of my bliss finding mission, I try to enjoy and appreciate more of what I already have and I must say, I am pleased. Although I am trying to put up an affiliate web store so I am counting on those people who do buy stuff. It makes me wonder if those people/affiliates who do make money selling stuff if they actuallly buy the stuff they sell.... hmmm.. I wonder...

Anyway - chugging along.. Like I said, I am trying to put up an affiliate store. Research/test stages still. Ill post when I have something concrete. Anyway, early indications so far shows that SEO will be an important strategy in going about this! I should be in a hurry but I feel like it more important to be able to setup a repeatable process as one store will not deliver my bliss. 

Ahh back to the grind tomorrow... but at least the bears won and packers lost. Bears are 8-3! A lot to be thankful for indeed!

Monday, November 22, 2010

SEO - Submit Your Site - Yahoo Site Explorer

How to submit your site to Yahoo Site Explorer?
  1. Login to your yahoo account. If you don't have one - then create one son! its free!
  2. Go to
  3. Type in the URL of your site

  4. You will then have to verify your site - once again, the easiest option here is to download the HTML code they provide and upload it to the root of your site.
  5. Once verified, wait a few weeks.
Yahoo indexing is slow - slower than bings but definitely much slower than google. I don't know why. Also, I don't understand how they read meta keyword tags. Some of my sites display the correct keywords - the one I configured and some sites are complete non-sense and it shows that it never gets indexed. However, when you search on that keyword, it shows up in the SERP - a new term I learned stands for Search Enginer Results Page.  I don't understand it at all and this SEO shit is starting to piss me off!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SEO - Submit Your Site - Google Webmaster tools

As  I mentioned in my previous post, submitting your site to Google is mandatory if you want your site to ever be found on the net. So, just how do you submit your site to Google for indexing? - well just Google it and you'll find the answer - just kidding. It's actually very easy - here are the steps
  1. go to, click on "Sign in to Webmaster Tools" button and login using your gmail account. If you don't have one, go to and create one.

  2. Once logged in, click on Add Site - type in your URL

  3. Verify your site. You have 4 options but the easiest way to do it is via the 3rd option by uploading an HTML file. It will ask you to download the HTML code. Upload that HTML to your site. If you don't know how, check with your hosting service provider - but its usually via FTP.

  4. Once verified, wait a while and your site should be indexed by google.
You have just submitted to Google. Another things I did was submitting a feed (RSS) to tell google about the changes to my site. You can use a sitemap generator (just google sitemap generator and you should see a ton of results on how to generate one for free) and then place the generated XML in your web server. Submit the sitemap by clicking on sitemaps in Google Webmaster and configure URL where your sitemap is located - usually its Supposedly, this helps google bot index your site so anything to help that bot out, you must do.
    Next - Submitting to Yahoo Site Explorer...

    Tuesday, November 16, 2010

    SEO - Submit Your Site

    Now that I have these websites up and running, its time to "put it out there" on the web so people can use it and hopefully click on my fucking ads so I can get my muse already! I am still learning about SEO but I will document first what I have done to get started. All this is based on what I have researched online.

    First, you would want the search engines to know about your site. You can do this two ways apparently

    1. Do nothing - eventually, search engine bots will find your site and index it accordingly.
    2. Submit your site and tell the search engine about your site so they can index it faster.
    The first option is tempting - but with the millions of website popping up everyday, it might take years before your website eventually gets noticed. I actually tried this approach with my classified ads website I had it running for 3 months initially and no one posted a single ad. Needless to say, first option is stupid so the only real option is to submit your site to a search engine. I guess it makes me an idiot for listing it as an option and an even bigger idiot for actually trying it but I just couldn't pass the opportunity of missing the chance of it working with me not doing anything. It was too big of a risk to take so initially, I did nothing. As for the 2nd option, how do you submit your site to the search engines? It turns out, you have options here too. 
    1. You can pay someone to do it for you - nice but it involves me spending money so not really an option for me
    2. You can use websites or some software that "promise" to submit your site for free - also nice but how do you know it really got submitted?
    3. You can submit it manually - free and you know that it will get submitted.
    Obvious choice is 3 - doing nothing part doesn't work damn! anyway, submitting your site is not really that difficult. Deciding on where to submit it is another issue. There are thousands of search engines and indexing websites out there. My research told me that here is really only one that is absolutely necessary (google) and 3 others that are pretty good too - that limits the amount of work I have to do so that's good. I submitted my websites in this order
    1. Google webmaster tools  - mandatory if you want your website to ever be found
    2. DMOZ - good stuff! actual people looking at your site (volunteers) and properly indexing your site according to category. It takes a while though but it is very accurate. 
    3. Yahoo site explorer - optional but recommended
    4. Bing Webmaster toolbox - optional but recommended
    To be continued..... 

    Blogger Android App

    How come there is no "official" blogger app for andriod?

    I don't get it. Blogger is part of Google and yet there is no app for it. Is blogger the unwanted stepchild of Google? Wordpress has an official app for android. It would be cool to be able to update your blogger from anywhere and in this day and age, you should be able to do that! What's up with that Google?

    Moto Cliq Sucks!

    I am starting to really hate my moto cliq. For starters, it still has the ancient version of android as moto has not done anything to integrate their "blur" crap into android 2.2. The original release date was back in February for the upgrade but its November now and no update to be seen!

    Recently, Google came out with app inventor. It enables you to create android apps without really knowing how to program. I recently got accepted by Google to participate in the project and I was very excited as I would have the ability to create my own apps in android. I installed it only to find out that moto cliq do not have the drivers needed for the app inventor!

    Moto just sucks! No wonder they are going down the toilet!
    • No Android 2.2 ever!
    • No app inventor!
    • Phone freezes!
    I am never buying another Moto phone ever again! Time to look at HTC and Samsung!

    Saturday, November 13, 2010

    Pacquiao is amazing!

    Wow what a great fight! PPV was worth every penny! Manny is the definitely the best pound for pound. No arguments left! Margarito was a big dude and his face looked like it got hit by truck who then realized he hit something and backed up and run 'em over again! Poor guy but have to give it to him - his got heart for staying in there and taking that beating! He took that beating like a man even though he outweighed him Manny by 15 pounds!

    What's next for Manny, fighting in the heavyweight division? There is no one else left to fight except Mayweather but his afraid of Manny so - there is no one else... ok ill end it here -its not a boxing blog but I just witnessed greatness..

    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    Website for a friend! my 5th website!

    Well I just launched my 5th website!

    This time, its for a friend of mine - his name is Ramon Cruz and he lives in San Diego . He is a brilliant guitar player. He plays regularly in the Spanish Village of Art in Balboa Park in San Diego. I really believe that all he needs is exposure. He has the talent and if I can help, why not. I always wanted to create a website for him but hosting was a big issue. As an artist starting out, let alone a recent migrant - it is incredibly hard to break into the scene. Its also hard to work and still devote time to your craft and money can be hard to come by. I am not rich either so I couldn't really volunteer to pay for hosting his site. However, he perseveres and you have to admire him for that. I know someday somehow,  he will succeed! So back to the problem at hand - how do I get him a website? Problem solved! Recently, I found out that omnis, a hosting company I have used for my first site allows unlimited amount of sub-domains! They also feature unlimited amount of hard drive space, bandwidth and mySQL database! I can create multiple websites with different domain names and still use my original hosting service! If that's confusing, that would be my fault because I lack the capacity to explain things better but essentially, I can host as many websites with their own domain names as much as I want all for one price! All I have to do was purchase a new domain name which was cheap! I was ecstatic! I thought they were the only hosting company who did this but it turns out everyone pretty much does it the same way so that joy* was somewhat short-lived but nonetheless, very awesome news! There is no email for all the other new domain - just for the parent domain but you can use google apps (free) so you can get your own email - that is - to make it look professional! All you have to do is set some DNS entries and that's easy enough to do. If you are not familiar with DNS, well its time to get familiar with it because if you want to save money on hosting services, this would be the way to go!

    So anyway, I created the site using Joomla. Same steps - find a GNU (free) template that is suitable, customize the banner (use GIMP - its like a free version of photoshop), think of what content you would like to see in there  and then download and install the Joomla component/plugin/module (free versions) you need to display that content. Add a few pictures, write some stuff about the website - what, who, when, etc... and viola! A fully functional site with your own domain name, your own email, calendar and doc system (google aps). All that is left is to  market it - so I submitted the site to Google webmaster tools, Yahoo site explorer, and Bing Webmaster tools. I also installed Google analytics to track the traffic! I also added some meta tags for SEO - applying what I have learned so far (someday I have to blog about what I learned in SEO so I don't forget) . Now its wait and see if I get any traffic on the site.

    I did all this in hopes of getting my friend some exposure and maybe get some gigs in the process. From what I have heard, its very difficult to break into the scene as new artist. He is also a  recent migrant and we have a really shitty economy so he I figured he needs a break. I know money nowadays can be hard to come by but if gets exposure on the site and be able to land some gigs and maybe a contract, then I did good. Visit his site -

    * The thought was if omnis was the only hosting company that did this, I can affiliate myself with them and market that capability by showing people how to do it - it is very easy! I can still show it. Ill create a how to guide someday. If you by any chance read this post and would like to know how to do this, leave a comment =)

    Wednesday, November 10, 2010

    My 4th website!

    I just launched my 4th website!

    The amazing thing is that I just launched my first last month! Joomla rocks! I did this in a span of about 2 weeks! The 4th website is I launched this one 1st week of November and I am already seeing some good numbers on it. I am not using adwords this time - just facebook and twitter to adverstise this site. On occasions, I just talk to random people and beg them to go to the site. So far, my efforts have been paying of as I am seeing a steady growth of traffic from different parts of the globe too!

    What is the site about?

    Well its about Drian "Gintong Kamao" Francisco who is a professional boxer from the Philippines. His moniker is "Gintong Kamao" which means Golden Fists in Tagalog/Filipino. He's a very talented young boxer with a ton of potential but does not have a lot of exposure outside the Philippines. He can be the next Manny Pacquiao! So I decided to help him out - well actually, his manager happens to be my cousin and he asked me if I can promote Drian in the US. Of course I said yes. The easiest way to spread the word was through a website, hence was created. This was the 2nd site I created with Joomla and this time, I was more at ease creating the site. That doesn't mean it was easy though. It was still tough to do and a lot of customization had to be done. Overall though, if I had to write all that code by myself, fughedaboutit!! Joomla is awesome! I can't say enough about how great it is. Its also free!

    I am also almost done with my fifth website, This time, I created a website for a friend of mine who is an amazing guitar player. Like Drian, has a ton of potential but not enough exposure. I don't get paid for any of this - as a matter of fact, I pay for the hosting and domain names! Its ok though, I like what I am doing, I am learning a lot of things, and if it helps these two, then why not? It makes the world a better place. Oh, I almost forgot, I found a way for the hosting part to be a lot cheaper which is why I am able to create these sites now! Till next time...

    Tuesday, November 9, 2010

    SEO - Search Engine Optimization

    Let me start of by saying that SEO is a bitch. If it's not quite obvious yet, I am not an expert at SEO. As a matter of fact, I know dont know jack about SEO. In fact, my knowledge about SEO extends to about trying spelling it correctly and I can barely keep up with that!

    I am trying to learn though - and its a very slow fucking process! There are so much information out there about SEO I feel like I am the only one in the world who knows nothing about it! What the fuck? The kicker is even if I learn all this stuff, there's no guarantee that it will work as google as well as other search engines/directories, constantly change the way they do their rankings! Knowing this doesn't exactly motivate me to go out there and learn all this stuff but if I am too succeed, I know I have to learn this at the very least be "good enough". The fact that I am lazy doesn't help either. I can pay someone to do this for me but I am cheap so that option is really not an option. Plus, I don't know enough about it and call me crazy but I like to be able to understand what it is that I am buying prior to buying it! Another plus is that it goes against what I have been trying to do which is to spend the least amount in creating my muse.

    So, now I am stuck trying to learn all this stuff and so I begin with the tools available on line. Problem is there are literally thousands upon thousands of tools available out there and just like everything and everyone else in this world, the good ones are expensive! Take for instance market samurai. I got introduced to market samurai from reading Pat's blogs. He's got some useful tips in there about how to use it, different strategies, etc. I learned about importance of backlinks and how it can affect your page ranking - problem is as soon as you learn all this stuff, google might change the way they rank and you're back to square one - again! WTF?

    I also started adwords and so far, it is the best tool to get traffic to your site. I use it and it has driven traffic from all over the world! It is amazing. Problem is it ain't cheap. Good news is you can set your daily ad budget. I set mine for $5 a day. My site is getting good hits but the problem is adwords cost money. I do get some clicks on my ads though so I make money on the Adsense but the money is essentially a wash as the money I make in Adsense - I just use to pay Adwords so in the end, only Google wins. I guess the good news is its driving traffic to my site which in itself is quite exciting! It does prove one thing though - that it is possible to generate passive income if you can make your site very interesting! I am excited again and I don't know why??

    Saturday, November 6, 2010


    I love google! Google is so awesome and not only is it the best search engine but most (not all) of the stuff they come up with are very kewl! Take the app inventor for android for instance - lets you create an android app without knowing how to program! I mean how awesome is this? Its not open to everyone yet but so was gmail back in the day! This is unbelievable!!

    Here are some of the google products which (I call "google stuff"- not very creative but works for me so.. ) I use almost on a daily basis and this is not in any particular order
    • Well - duh.. to search stuff
    • Android phone
    • Gmail
    • Google docs
    • Google maps
    • Google voice
    • Google wave
    • Google apps
    • Google adsense
    • Google webmaster tools
    • Google adwords
    • Blogspot
    • Google translate
    • Google squared
    • Google analytics
    • Chrome
    • Youtube
    • Picasa
    • Google talk
    • Google DNS
    I am sure I am forgetting some more... come to think of it, my whole internet experience revolves around google! Google is my internet! Google provides almost all of this for FREE!!!! 

    With all that said, I am officially using this blog entry to give thanks to Google to the many "google stuff" I use, depend on and enjoy today! I don't know if many people realize the impact of google on the internet - just think about it - what if there was no google??? wow!! scary thought wouldn't you say?

    So to everyone in GOOGLE!! THANK YOU SO MUCH  for being so awesome! 

    NOTE: There should be an official google day! I think I should start organizing one!

    Thursday, November 4, 2010

    First Blog... in November

    Time surely flies.... it's already November! I started this blog back in May then stopped for 3 months and picked it up again in September. I must say that writing is hard! A lot of times, I dont know what to write! Someone suggested that I should write whatever is happening to me but I find that a bit disturbing and not to mention boring.

    Writing, I must admit, has been therapeutic for me! Lot of the self help books says that it helps to put your thoughts on paper - kinda going on a out of body experience seeing it from another perspective. I used to think that was nonsense but as I read through my blogs, its kinda nice!

    My November resolution - that's right, I am now into monthly resolutions - is to try to write more about stuff that I am doing to market my classified ads website I am currently addicted to Joomla and slowly learning more about PHP! I still can't believe its free! Ill take it though. I already created 2 sites using it: - is a professional boxer from the Philippines who I am trying to promote here in the US. His manager is my cousin! - is a trading company owned by another cousin. I completed this whole site in a matter of days!

    As I said in my previous post, I am starting to learn about SEO. A lot of stuff to take in - a lot of strands in the old duder's head man! I will write about those too!

    Wednesday, October 27, 2010

    I've been busy...

    doing what exactly what and how it will get me closer to my goal of passive income? I don't know. I came across this one CMS tool called Joomla! and it is awesome. I have been building websites left and right!
    I still have my classifieds website They are people posting there from India as well as other countries! I am not making any money on it but just the idea of different people from anywhere in the world finding my site and posting there still amazes me. It makes me want to go to those places and check it out!

    I am addicted to Joomla! I have 3 more projects creating websites and Joomla is just making it so easy! Did I mention it was FREE? I have a friend, his name is Ramon Cruz from San Diego, who is an absolutely brilliant guitar player - check him out

    I just think he needs to be exposed and be out there. He has the talent so I intend to help him out by creating him a website. So that's why its taking a long time in between posts. I am trying to be a Joomla expert! Not that anyone is dying to read my blogs, I just wanted it to be updated as much as I can so I can document my adventure in trying to find my muse!

    Kinda like Pat... You see next to Tim Ferris Pat has been my role model for passive income... Tim opened my eyes to the possibility and Pat is great in detailing the steps on how to create your muse. The only way I can repay these guys for all the knowledge they have given me are backlinks. They probably have enough but I guess a few more cant hurt - right Pat? Good job man and keep it up - you are an inspiration! SEO is a lot of work but exciting! I saw one of my sites to be ranked in google at #8 one time but its back to obscurity again. I am just happy it made it in the first page for one of my keywords even for a short time! I don't have enough backlinks!!!

    Speaking of backlinks, I posted a blog about a seminar I attended a few months ago called Meet Plan Go!. I talked about the seminar and what not - not thinking that anyone would be reading it. All of a sudden, they were 2 comments - one from the presenter Lisa Lubin of and one of the panelists Megan Kearney! How in the hell were they able to find me? I had to review what I wrote right away just to make sure I didn't write anything bad - although it would have been too late because they already read it! Not that I had anything bad to say about the seminar but have their been any, it would be awkward when I go to the next event, learn more stuff about traveling and get free stuff again! you know what I mean? Seriously though, if you are thinking of traveling or just taking a long vacation, go to their seminar. Its FREE! and its a GREAT event! You have nothing to lose but your fear of actually getting out there and meeting new people and learning new cultures! I keep reading the blogs from this couple from Amazing that they can keep it going for so long! It just proves what Tim Ferris is saying - it is possible and you can design your own lifestyle!.

    Thursday, October 21, 2010

    Internet Marketing - Samurai Style

    So how do I tell people about my most awesome classified ads site ala craigslist?

    The answer according to google was Internet Marketing. Unfortunately, I know squat about marketing let alone internet marketing

    Being in IT field, I have heard about internet marketing before but never really paid much attention to it. I heard  the buzz words - search engine optimization, pageranking, backlinks, adwords, adsense, affiliates, etc... I never realized that there was so much more to it!. Much more than what I thought.

    Its actually a science - literally! Since I am a geek, I got interested in it. Great - where do I start? I am engineer by trade so naturally, I always feel like I don't need to read manuals until something blows up. I always felt like I can figure it out faster than reading a stupid manual - techies you know who you are geeks! - you know what I am talking about. Well, I am quickly realizing that Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a bitch. It is so complex and dynamic that even if I read a book about it, the info I obtain will be obsolete by the time I finish!!

    Anyway, I found a tool called Market Samurai . It is not free but they have a trial promo. I am dabbling myself into this stuff now and I am starting to grasp some concepts although I wouldn't be surprised if how I understood it is completely the opposite of how it works... hopefully I figure stuff out before the trial runs out....  more to come!

    Wednesday, October 20, 2010

    My first website - part 3 - last part


    Now that the easy part is done, the hard part was about to begin. Customizing and adding the ads were a bit hard. Well, let me clarify that. Adding the ads was actually quite easy in Open Classifieds. The admin panel allows you to ad sites very easily - just copy and paste code from your adsense and into the site.

    Copy and paste your  adsense or amazon code and make sure that the advertisement module is enabled on  the sidebar and you should have ads. If you have a blog here and have monetized your blog, this should be familiar to you.

    The difficult part was to make it look like the way I wanted to which how looks now.  The problem was the banner ads in google or in amazon are 728x90 which is a bit wider than what the original settings. I had to modify the css stuff to extend it and figuring out which one was a bitch

    After I figured the ads out, it still didn't look quite right. I had an idea to place a logo like ebay but the problem was I had no idea how to make one. I certainly did not have the skills to create one. I suppose I can learn how to do it but again, I am lazy so I turned to google. I found  You can design your own logo for free. That was painless. Just follow simple instructions and you have your logo. You can they buy it for $10 but there is a free option and you can guess which one i chose.

    So... checklist
    1. Domain Name - check
    2. Server Host - check
    3. Web Site code - check
    4. Ads - check
    5. How would people know about the site? - I don't know
    I have some homework to do..... 

    Tuesday, October 12, 2010

    My first website - part 2


    Fourth Step - so I downloaded the code - now what? apparently, I needed to host it somewhere. So I got to thinkin... I already had a domain name registered Omnis Network - the so why not have them host it too! Brilliant!... then I saw that it was $83 for a whole year but it includes the domain name, unlimited space, PHP, mySQL, and webmail! tempting but.... it wasn't free, so naturally I was hesitant.  So I looked for other hosting sites - free ones that is - and I could have done it that way. With some clever DNS, URL forwarding, some blood, tears, caffeine and a few adjustments to my left nut, I think I could have made it worked. However, laziness overruled that thought and I figured I'd spend the money on the hosting. The adjustments to the left nut was still necessary however.

    Spending bummed me out a bit so I drank a few beers and wallowed on my sorrow. In hindsight, I probably should have tried it just to prove that it could work but again, my laziness kicked in.

    Fifth Step - This was hard. The hosting came with free webmail. I could sync my android phone with the free webmail. I also know about google apps. I had a decision to make - make Omnis host my email or have google do it. Since I wanted some punishment for spending on the hosting server, I chose to go with google apps

    There was some work involved - nothing very hard hard though. I mean google told me exactly what needed to be done. However, if you are reading this and thinking to yourself about doing the same - a word of caution. they tell you that editing DNS entries can be dangerous to your health and your website and to make sure you know what you are doing before doing anything. While it is true, its not as bad as they make it out to be. I work in IT my whole life which means.... squat really. It just means I broke enough crap to understand what not to touch next time. You can do the same thing I did and make google your email provider. If you're an absolute newbie, I suggest to go with the provided webmail but if you are rebellious and cool like me, I suggest google apps. Fuck it - just play with those DNS entries until you get it - google it or read a wiki about it DNS. Just dont read too much though as its not really that hard to understand. You just need the basics but like most in IT, they try to make it so complex so we can look smart but its mostly BS.

    Sixth Step  -  This is the 6th step? This is turning to be longer than previously thought. I initially thought I just did 3 steps but I guess I didn't. I need an editor so this shit won't be so long. Well the sixth and FINAL step is to upload the files I downloaded from open classifieds and upload it to the site. Omnis hosting gives you FTP access to your webserver so you can upload your files in there. I used filezilla ftp client (free) to upload the files. Once uploaded, I just followed the instructions which were to go to - and the install started. It asked for a database - what database? WTF??

    ah ok - I forgot you have to create one in Omnis. So I logged in to the admin console of Omnis and went to My SQL Manager. There was a link to "Create a new database" so I did and followed the wizard. Once completed, it gave me some parameters - mySQL hostname, database name, username and password - all were automatically generated. I took note of these parameters and I input them on the install (it asked  for it). I assumed everything was correct because next thing I know, I have a classified ads website.

    To be continued......

    Saturday, October 9, 2010

    My first website - Part 1

    I just launched my first website! woohoo!!. I was inspired by Pat from and his niche site duel. I decided to join in without formally joining in - I don't know if what I just wrote made sense but hopefully you get my drift.

    What is it about?

    I had this idea about trading your stuff (crap) for other people's stuff (crap) with no money involved whatsoever. Just plain barter. You basically post an ad - description, photos, etc and then from there, see if anyone would be interested in trading with you. No money involved. Its free to post an ad! After I was done with the site, I realized there was no way to stop people from posting stuff on there for sale - so now its just a classified ads site.

    How I did it? Well, technically, I didn't do it, at least not the hard part.

    The First Step -was to obviously think of a website you want to create. I originally wanted a "bartering" site. I was thinking it would be great if there was a site where you trade your crap with other people's crap straight up - no money involved. The idea came about when I bought some blu-ray movies I already had in DVD. I wanted to go HD. I was thinking of selling them to local stores who take them but it would be better if I can trade it - perhaps for a shirt or a pair scissors (I dont know how scissors came about - it just came to me so I wrote it)

    Second Step - was to think of a domain name. I wanted a domain name that would somehow describe my website. I also wanted to spend the least amount of money. So what to do next?

    I was faced with a dilemma. I already had a domain name I registered a long time ago but it had nothing to do with my site. "Put3" is actually a bastardized version of "putres" a cuss word in tagalog meaning damn. I am a such a geek and I wanted to get my own domain name so I can host my own email server, my own website, etc - from my house. I wanted to be rebellious without being to obvious - hence the decision to get
    So I did host my own email server but not a website. I had no content for the website so no website - just email. After I proved to myself that I can do it, I got bored it. However, I registered the domain for a number of years so it would be really cheap. It was $6.95 per year if I signed for as long as I am alive so I went ahead and signed with Omnis Network. They were an obscure registrar and they were the cheapest I could find back then. Now there are thousands to choose from with much cheaper rates but Omnis lowered their prices too so that would be good for me when it's time to renew.

    Anyway - I had a decision to make. Buy a new domain or use what I already got. Since I was cheap, I quickly learned it wasn't that difficult of a decision. I went with as I already had it and didn't want to pay for a new domain.

    Third Step -  was to code the site. Doing this on your own even with mad programming skills is a daunting task. Doing it without any skills is impossible. Paying someone to do it can be very expensive. Without knowing if it will payoff, its hard to invest. More importantly, I am cheap and there will be no investing. I have access to google so I searched for free turnkey websites that match what my website would be. Luckily for me, google found So I downloaded the code and I was ready to start my site.

    To be continued...

    Wednesday, October 6, 2010

    Passive Income

    Well, I figured if I am to be like my new heroes Bessie & Kyle from, I have to have passive income. I am back to muse finding essentially! Fuck! I still can't find the bitch!

    but wait - wait - I found this guy Pat from Awesome dude! Basically tells you how he got started and lots of information on how he got there. Even tells you how much he makes in a month and from which source! Its totally awesome! I can't believe this guy is just basically saying what his strategies are but I think his message is to let anyone who would listen that passive income is possible - all you need is some work (might be a problem since I am lazy) and some luck and the internet and your dreams can come true too! heck you can even copy his strategies as they are all laid out in there.

    This other one - i dont know if its legit. It looks like it is but he gives you 51% of the profit of his book - all you have to do is resell it basically become an affiliate! I have never seen any affiliate programs pay that much which is where the skepticism comes in but its free - i got nothing to lose - maybe ill give it a try.

    Just got an email from barnes and noble! They have a new program called Pubit! basically, you can publish your own book through nook! I have nook so I have to check it out. Only if I have some talent in writing, maybe i can publish some shit!

    oh well! back to work! my life is shit! =)

    Meet Plan Go!

    I attended this seminar - Meet Plan Go! in Chicago a few weeks ago and it was awesome! I wish I attended one of these things before I went on my trip! They have these seminars all around the country and if you can, I highly suggest you attend them - it is free and they give you goodies!

    They also had free food and lots of giveaways and prizes. Oh yeah they also have great information about traveling. The presenter was Lisa Lubin ( and they had a panel of speakers and all have traveled extensively. What's surprising was there was only 1 guy in the panel out of 4 (5 if you include Lisa) - all were women.  There was a couple and as far as I know, the 3 women were single when they took their trips! Its surprising because apparently, these women have more balls than most men apparently. They all left their jobs, sold their house and went on their trips! I mean where are the men who do this? I am not sexist - ok, maybe just a little bit but its surprising because you see on the news everyday how dangerous some of the places they went to can be. These gals went there, had a great time, learned a few things and came back to tell their stories unharmed! It actually inspired me to go to these places I was afraid to go to. Where are these places? well there's too many countries to mention but most of them were in South America which now is where I am planning to go on my next trip! Thanks to them!

    Meanwhile, back at the seminar.....  It was somewhat structured but totally informal. You can ask the speakers at any given time. If you are thinking about a career break, this would be a great  resource for you. From quiting your job, cheap lodging, insurance, cheap flights, gear, selling your house/car/soul/etc... finding work while traveling (teaching english who speak better english than you speak their language), to finding work again when you come back - that is if you ever decide to come back. like these couple! They are still out there and if they can do it, I should be able to figure this out! This is exciting!

    Monday, October 4, 2010

    That was ugly!

    Well this ain't a bears blog - but after watching a disaster last night, with a devastation so bad, I have no choice. I was proven wrong - the Bears were in fact exactly who I thought they were. The OL took their mastery of the revolving door technique to a new level! If the game continued on, they would have to outsource/offshore the QB and play remotely!

    OL finally came back to their senses and played the way they were expected to play - crappy and confused. Its not entirely on the OL though, Cutler held that ball too long at times but if you were getting your head beat in like he was, you'd be timid too. Enough about the bears! They are fucking up my bliss!

    Tuesday, September 28, 2010

    Search continues...

    So the search continues... my bliss had to wait yesterday because I was in another form of bliss - the bears are not who I thought they were.. they're 3-0 woohooo! who knew??? I thought cutler would have to have his arm amputated by now with the OL mastering the revolving door technique - Omiyale on LT?? I thought it was really the end for cutler! Omiyale sucked at every OL position and then they put him in LT - the most difficult position - and he shines!! WTF?? who knew??

    Go BEARS!!!!

    Anyway - I haven't posted in the last few days because quite frankly I didn't really know what to write and I've been lazy to think of something to write. I was thinking about it today and I decided to write about the cool stuff I found while searching for my bliss. Most of the things I found are great but it doesn't help my present situation. However, if you find it useful, then I'm glad I'm able to help

    Note: This is not in any order of preference or coolness

    1. Google Apps - Google is awesome! Did you know that Google Apps has a free version? So what can it do for you. Well it can do a lot but the most important part is it can give an email server that rivals most enterprise email solutions (gmail) using your own domain. Did I mention this was FREE? Basically, all you have to do is secure your own domain name - e.g. - from any registrar (, network solutions, yahoo,, etc). This is very cheap anywhere from $2 to $7 a year. Next is modify some DNS settings (very easy - Google even has a template on how to do it if you dont know how) to prove that you own that domain and voila! You now have your very own internet presence complete with email and your email will be and start spamming your clients! Did I mention this was FREE? up to 50 users? oh yeah you also get google docs, calendar, chat, etc.... and you can even sync it with your smartphone! Imagine that - on the go email for free! And you can store all your files there too! If you are small business owner and you haven't done this, then I don't know why you wouldn't take advantage of this. What's cool too is if you have google voice - you can now post 1 number and it can ring any number in the world you want. You don't have to be tied to you office phone! You can do this with Skype (like I have) with SkypeIn but Google is free! I have both Skype and Google - for now skype has better features and quality for international calls are hands down better than Google, but again, Google is free and Skype although still cheap, can't beat free.
    2. Skype - when it comes to integrating phones and the internet, Skype rules! Skype is well known for making free calls to other skype users around the world! Quality is awesome! Comparable if not better than landlines and its free! You can call phones too (if you have skypeout) but you have to pay a monthly fee. Its cheap though and you can call anyone in North America for free.  They also have great international rates - you just have to buy skype credits. Its also encrypted - well at least according to skype - we just have to take their word for it - so its more secure than your landline.

      All that is great but have you heard about Skype Extras? Its like an android market (or app store if your iphone user) for skype. It has free stuff and some paid ones too but most are cheap. But what can it do? Well for starters, you can run a call center with it! How's that???? A full blown call center might be a stretch but how about a PBX with an IVR?. You can run your office with it! Pretty May Call Center is the name of the app and its free! You can run a call center with it if you choose to do so! Other PBX functions are available from other apps. Other apps include call recorders, faxing, call lists, etc. You can even do remote support, remote control, presentation, etc ala webex! Most are free but some you have to pay for but they are relatively cheap!
    3. OpenOffice - your entire office suite free! very similar to MS Office - even files are compatible but this one is free
    4. Network Monitoring - Nagios is free! very powerful tool and rivals other commercial network monitoring software but if your're on a budget and would still like to monitor your servers, Nagios is free. Other free software, PRTG, Cacti, OPenNMS - etc! Not so long ago, these type of software costs thousands of dollars (HP openview, Aprisma's Prism, etc). Now, its free
    I found other stuff too that is useless to me at the moment but who knows, one day I might need it. If it serves your purpose now, then great! If you have any questions regarding the stuff I mentioned, read the manual, download the software and give it a try... if you get stuck, post a comment and I will try to contact you and give you a hand! Cheers!

    Wednesday, September 22, 2010

    Googling for my bliss

    “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” - Confucius

    Well dude that is what I have been trying to do man! I just haven't had any success. I have been trying to look for my MUSE. From what I have read so far, your bliss/passion coincides with your MUSE. In simple terms, your passion, the thing that makes you happy, your bliss, can make you money! So that's what I am trying to do. Problem is, my bliss has been elusive.

    Without knowing where else to look, I Googled it. I found this site Going through the list, I found some problems

    1. What are you good at? - Well this is a loaded question man! There's a lot of ins, outs, what have you's. Anyway, what am I good at? What kind of question is that? How do you know if you are good in anything? I mean I am good in a lot of things, but I can't consider myself an expert in anything! What I really excel is in doing nothing. 
    2. What excites you? another loaded and vague question. I don't know - going to the lebowskifest excites me. I like to do a lot of things and what excites me depends entirely on whatever it is I am doing so how do I decide what excites me? I am fucked!
    3. What do you read about? - mostly crap. I do read stuff on how to find your passion/bliss. I want a passive income so I read about that - how does that translate to finding my bliss?
    4. Learn, ask take notes? not OK. I dont have a list. so step 4 is not applicable and so are the rest of the steps that follow
    Back to work! Fuck!

    How I did it!

    Well if you are wondering how I was able to afford my trip, its very simple. I was (still am) paying for 2 condos and a car at the time. I was already renting one condo. 3 days before my trip, a friend rented the condo I was staying in. That worked out well too. As for the car, I left it in my parents. Obviously, the rent money was not enough but it helped. As for the rest, I emptied my retirement account. I have no regrets and would do it again if given the chance but i understand that it might not be for everyone. Here's how I justified it

    Bullet points that really struck me while reading the 4 hour workweek
    • Saving for retirement is a fools errand mini-retirement is the way to go - I always had a feeling that 401ks, IRAs will be well short by the time i reached retirement age but i played the game. It was attractive to contribute as much as you can because not only does your employer match it, it saved you on taxes. Its practically free money! I finally decided to do the math.What I found was that even in the best circumstances, it don't work! I would probably end up working to make ends meet by that time.  Even if I that nest egg grows to a million which is wishful thinking at best, 35 years from now, how much is a million really worth? that is if they don't increase the retirement age! The math simply don't work and since annual tax deferral is capped, even if you contribute the max, there is no way this will work for you! Suze Ormon says that your employer contribution is practically free money!! Baloney! it is not free as it robs you of the most important asset you have - TIME! other than the tax incentives, I don't see any benefits to it!

      On an even sadder note social security will probably not be there either! Life is too short to wait and suffer a miserable existence!
    • You can live like a king and it don't cost that much - This is the best part and I can attest to this. I experienced this first hand! Book says if you are willing to travel, you can make your money more valuable. Make the exchange rates work for you!
    • You can always come back - I am back and found a new job. I get paid less but I work less and I enjoy it more. When I calculate relative income vs. absolute income, the difference is not that much after all. I am more relaxed and to me, that is worth more. To be quite honest, I didnt want to come back.  I wanted to get out there more but I have to pay my bills. Ill be back out there - its just a matter of time.
    • Be Happy - its not about the money! we all heard that expression money does not buy happiness and i found that to be true first hand. I have seen people in extreme poverty, yet they still have a very positive outlook in life. That was weird for me at first. These people had no idea if they were going to eat that day yet they are happy with their families and friends! Then I remember miserable and stressed co-workers (i was once myself) - talk about fucked up priorities!! No Worries! Be Happy! 
    • Ownership vs. Experience - experience is really what you want. This was a hard concept for me to understand at first. While in the Philippines, I stayed in a 3 story house with 6 rooms in a gated community (with security guards and all) with a maid and an on-call driver. Owning the house was not what I want because it would tie me down. Renting it made much more sense and its more affordable. I experienced living like a king without much of the expenses of being a king! Experience vs. Ownership!
    So I did it! What's weird is that somehow, someway, I know I am going to make it. I truly believe that somehow, I will find my MUSE. I can't quite explain it, maybe its wishful thinking, maybe it's not - I really don't know but I truly believe that I am going to make this work! I just wish that it to be sooner than later!

    "fity"cent would say "GET RICH OR DIE TRYING" mine would be "LIVE RICH OR DIE TRYING"!

    Friday, May 21, 2010

    I Finally Did It

    "Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing" - Helen Keller

    I did go on my "mini-retirement". My choice was for a mini-retirement was to travel. I traveled to Asia. Philippines, Hong Kong (2x), South Korea, Macau, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. I spent most of my time in the Philippines and went all over - north to south.

    It changed my life! I was gone for almost 2 years and it was a fucking blast! How can I describe it? I can't. Trying to do so would be a waste. You have to experience the "adventures" of travelling for yourself. You know how you cannot tell someone who never had money that money cannot buy them happiness, well it the same thing. Did I mention, I am not good at analogies? Well you get the point! Getting out there, meeting people, doing things, experiencing new things! I won't go through all the gory details - ill reserve that for another time.

    For 2 years, I knew what it felt like to be alive. More importantly, I now know what I want. Now I have to figure out how to get what I want. Fuck! Figuring out how to get what you want is much of a bitch if not more than knowing what you want! So after all that, I am back to finding my muse! WTF? I did learn however, that by moving, creating action, I was able to figure out what I wanted. Maybe, I can apply the same in finding my muse! Just do it! Move, hence this blog. I don't even know if anyone will read this or how its going to make me money but its a move! I am creating action. Who knows, it might just lead me to my muse!

    Thursday, May 20, 2010


    "Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls" - Joseph Campbell

    I must have edited this thing a thousand times. I don't know what to write! How can I find my bliss when I can't even write on how to start finding it? Where do I look anyway? Fuck!

    Let's start from the beginning. This all started when I read the book FOUR HOUR WORKWEEK by Tim Ferriss. I was so inspired by this book that I am determined to change the world - at least my world -  bend it to my liking and make it my bitch.

    FIND YOUR MUSE - the book says. I learned a couple of things in trying to find my muse:

    1) Finding your muse is a bitch
    2) I don't know myself enough to figure out what i really like
    3) Finding a niche is even more of a bitch than finding your muse
    4) I am too lazy to do all this stuff

    I did all the stuff that the book said - well not exactly everything. I did try to create my product, visit a barnes and noble and look for obscure magazines, etc. Nothing worked, maybe because it doesn't work or I didn't really try it because I thought it wasn't going to work which was stupid. I mean how can I know if I don't try? I just told myself I am smart and that pretty much justified it for me. More importantly, I am too lazy to do any of it. I could have been "unmotivated" because I don't know exactly what I was doing but in closer scrutiny, unmotivated=lazy!

    Maybe because I had a good job and got paid well. I didn't dislike what I did either. I was suffering from a tolerable and comfortable existence doing something unfulfilling - which was apparently the most common and the most insidious case! Tim was right - I was bored out of my mind and had to do something before I went postal on myself!

    Fuck it! my thinking has been very uptight. I am being very undude! I don't know exactly what I want but I do know what I don't want. Ill go for my "mini-retirement" and "hope and pray" that I would find my MUSE along the way.

    And so I quit my job, rented my condo, gave my car to my parents, packed my bag and went on my way!