Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Googling for my bliss

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” - Confucius

Well dude that is what I have been trying to do man! I just haven't had any success. I have been trying to look for my MUSE. From what I have read so far, your bliss/passion coincides with your MUSE. In simple terms, your passion, the thing that makes you happy, your bliss, can make you money! So that's what I am trying to do. Problem is, my bliss has been elusive.

Without knowing where else to look, I Googled it. I found this site Going through the list, I found some problems

  1. What are you good at? - Well this is a loaded question man! There's a lot of ins, outs, what have you's. Anyway, what am I good at? What kind of question is that? How do you know if you are good in anything? I mean I am good in a lot of things, but I can't consider myself an expert in anything! What I really excel is in doing nothing. 
  2. What excites you? another loaded and vague question. I don't know - going to the lebowskifest excites me. I like to do a lot of things and what excites me depends entirely on whatever it is I am doing so how do I decide what excites me? I am fucked!
  3. What do you read about? - mostly crap. I do read stuff on how to find your passion/bliss. I want a passive income so I read about that - how does that translate to finding my bliss?
  4. Learn, ask take notes? not OK. I dont have a list. so step 4 is not applicable and so are the rest of the steps that follow
Back to work! Fuck!

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