Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I've been busy...

doing what exactly what and how it will get me closer to my goal of passive income? I don't know. I came across this one CMS tool called Joomla! and it is awesome. I have been building websites left and right!
I still have my classifieds website They are people posting there from India as well as other countries! I am not making any money on it but just the idea of different people from anywhere in the world finding my site and posting there still amazes me. It makes me want to go to those places and check it out!

I am addicted to Joomla! I have 3 more projects creating websites and Joomla is just making it so easy! Did I mention it was FREE? I have a friend, his name is Ramon Cruz from San Diego, who is an absolutely brilliant guitar player - check him out

I just think he needs to be exposed and be out there. He has the talent so I intend to help him out by creating him a website. So that's why its taking a long time in between posts. I am trying to be a Joomla expert! Not that anyone is dying to read my blogs, I just wanted it to be updated as much as I can so I can document my adventure in trying to find my muse!

Kinda like Pat... You see next to Tim Ferris Pat has been my role model for passive income... Tim opened my eyes to the possibility and Pat is great in detailing the steps on how to create your muse. The only way I can repay these guys for all the knowledge they have given me are backlinks. They probably have enough but I guess a few more cant hurt - right Pat? Good job man and keep it up - you are an inspiration! SEO is a lot of work but exciting! I saw one of my sites to be ranked in google at #8 one time but its back to obscurity again. I am just happy it made it in the first page for one of my keywords even for a short time! I don't have enough backlinks!!!

Speaking of backlinks, I posted a blog about a seminar I attended a few months ago called Meet Plan Go!. I talked about the seminar and what not - not thinking that anyone would be reading it. All of a sudden, they were 2 comments - one from the presenter Lisa Lubin of and one of the panelists Megan Kearney! How in the hell were they able to find me? I had to review what I wrote right away just to make sure I didn't write anything bad - although it would have been too late because they already read it! Not that I had anything bad to say about the seminar but have their been any, it would be awkward when I go to the next event, learn more stuff about traveling and get free stuff again! you know what I mean? Seriously though, if you are thinking of traveling or just taking a long vacation, go to their seminar. Its FREE! and its a GREAT event! You have nothing to lose but your fear of actually getting out there and meeting new people and learning new cultures! I keep reading the blogs from this couple from Amazing that they can keep it going for so long! It just proves what Tim Ferris is saying - it is possible and you can design your own lifestyle!.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Internet Marketing - Samurai Style

So how do I tell people about my most awesome classified ads site ala craigslist?

The answer according to google was Internet Marketing. Unfortunately, I know squat about marketing let alone internet marketing

Being in IT field, I have heard about internet marketing before but never really paid much attention to it. I heard  the buzz words - search engine optimization, pageranking, backlinks, adwords, adsense, affiliates, etc... I never realized that there was so much more to it!. Much more than what I thought.

Its actually a science - literally! Since I am a geek, I got interested in it. Great - where do I start? I am engineer by trade so naturally, I always feel like I don't need to read manuals until something blows up. I always felt like I can figure it out faster than reading a stupid manual - techies you know who you are geeks! - you know what I am talking about. Well, I am quickly realizing that Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a bitch. It is so complex and dynamic that even if I read a book about it, the info I obtain will be obsolete by the time I finish!!

Anyway, I found a tool called Market Samurai . It is not free but they have a trial promo. I am dabbling myself into this stuff now and I am starting to grasp some concepts although I wouldn't be surprised if how I understood it is completely the opposite of how it works... hopefully I figure stuff out before the trial runs out....  more to come!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My first website - part 3 - last part


Now that the easy part is done, the hard part was about to begin. Customizing and adding the ads were a bit hard. Well, let me clarify that. Adding the ads was actually quite easy in Open Classifieds. The admin panel allows you to ad sites very easily - just copy and paste code from your adsense and into the site.

Copy and paste your  adsense or amazon code and make sure that the advertisement module is enabled on  the sidebar and you should have ads. If you have a blog here and have monetized your blog, this should be familiar to you.

The difficult part was to make it look like the way I wanted to which how looks now.  The problem was the banner ads in google or in amazon are 728x90 which is a bit wider than what the original settings. I had to modify the css stuff to extend it and figuring out which one was a bitch

After I figured the ads out, it still didn't look quite right. I had an idea to place a logo like ebay but the problem was I had no idea how to make one. I certainly did not have the skills to create one. I suppose I can learn how to do it but again, I am lazy so I turned to google. I found  You can design your own logo for free. That was painless. Just follow simple instructions and you have your logo. You can they buy it for $10 but there is a free option and you can guess which one i chose.

So... checklist
  1. Domain Name - check
  2. Server Host - check
  3. Web Site code - check
  4. Ads - check
  5. How would people know about the site? - I don't know
I have some homework to do..... 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My first website - part 2


Fourth Step - so I downloaded the code - now what? apparently, I needed to host it somewhere. So I got to thinkin... I already had a domain name registered Omnis Network - the so why not have them host it too! Brilliant!... then I saw that it was $83 for a whole year but it includes the domain name, unlimited space, PHP, mySQL, and webmail! tempting but.... it wasn't free, so naturally I was hesitant.  So I looked for other hosting sites - free ones that is - and I could have done it that way. With some clever DNS, URL forwarding, some blood, tears, caffeine and a few adjustments to my left nut, I think I could have made it worked. However, laziness overruled that thought and I figured I'd spend the money on the hosting. The adjustments to the left nut was still necessary however.

Spending bummed me out a bit so I drank a few beers and wallowed on my sorrow. In hindsight, I probably should have tried it just to prove that it could work but again, my laziness kicked in.

Fifth Step - This was hard. The hosting came with free webmail. I could sync my android phone with the free webmail. I also know about google apps. I had a decision to make - make Omnis host my email or have google do it. Since I wanted some punishment for spending on the hosting server, I chose to go with google apps

There was some work involved - nothing very hard hard though. I mean google told me exactly what needed to be done. However, if you are reading this and thinking to yourself about doing the same - a word of caution. they tell you that editing DNS entries can be dangerous to your health and your website and to make sure you know what you are doing before doing anything. While it is true, its not as bad as they make it out to be. I work in IT my whole life which means.... squat really. It just means I broke enough crap to understand what not to touch next time. You can do the same thing I did and make google your email provider. If you're an absolute newbie, I suggest to go with the provided webmail but if you are rebellious and cool like me, I suggest google apps. Fuck it - just play with those DNS entries until you get it - google it or read a wiki about it DNS. Just dont read too much though as its not really that hard to understand. You just need the basics but like most in IT, they try to make it so complex so we can look smart but its mostly BS.

Sixth Step  -  This is the 6th step? This is turning to be longer than previously thought. I initially thought I just did 3 steps but I guess I didn't. I need an editor so this shit won't be so long. Well the sixth and FINAL step is to upload the files I downloaded from open classifieds and upload it to the site. Omnis hosting gives you FTP access to your webserver so you can upload your files in there. I used filezilla ftp client (free) to upload the files. Once uploaded, I just followed the instructions which were to go to - and the install started. It asked for a database - what database? WTF??

ah ok - I forgot you have to create one in Omnis. So I logged in to the admin console of Omnis and went to My SQL Manager. There was a link to "Create a new database" so I did and followed the wizard. Once completed, it gave me some parameters - mySQL hostname, database name, username and password - all were automatically generated. I took note of these parameters and I input them on the install (it asked  for it). I assumed everything was correct because next thing I know, I have a classified ads website.

To be continued......

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My first website - Part 1

I just launched my first website! woohoo!!. I was inspired by Pat from and his niche site duel. I decided to join in without formally joining in - I don't know if what I just wrote made sense but hopefully you get my drift.

What is it about?

I had this idea about trading your stuff (crap) for other people's stuff (crap) with no money involved whatsoever. Just plain barter. You basically post an ad - description, photos, etc and then from there, see if anyone would be interested in trading with you. No money involved. Its free to post an ad! After I was done with the site, I realized there was no way to stop people from posting stuff on there for sale - so now its just a classified ads site.

How I did it? Well, technically, I didn't do it, at least not the hard part.

The First Step -was to obviously think of a website you want to create. I originally wanted a "bartering" site. I was thinking it would be great if there was a site where you trade your crap with other people's crap straight up - no money involved. The idea came about when I bought some blu-ray movies I already had in DVD. I wanted to go HD. I was thinking of selling them to local stores who take them but it would be better if I can trade it - perhaps for a shirt or a pair scissors (I dont know how scissors came about - it just came to me so I wrote it)

Second Step - was to think of a domain name. I wanted a domain name that would somehow describe my website. I also wanted to spend the least amount of money. So what to do next?

I was faced with a dilemma. I already had a domain name I registered a long time ago but it had nothing to do with my site. "Put3" is actually a bastardized version of "putres" a cuss word in tagalog meaning damn. I am a such a geek and I wanted to get my own domain name so I can host my own email server, my own website, etc - from my house. I wanted to be rebellious without being to obvious - hence the decision to get
So I did host my own email server but not a website. I had no content for the website so no website - just email. After I proved to myself that I can do it, I got bored it. However, I registered the domain for a number of years so it would be really cheap. It was $6.95 per year if I signed for as long as I am alive so I went ahead and signed with Omnis Network. They were an obscure registrar and they were the cheapest I could find back then. Now there are thousands to choose from with much cheaper rates but Omnis lowered their prices too so that would be good for me when it's time to renew.

Anyway - I had a decision to make. Buy a new domain or use what I already got. Since I was cheap, I quickly learned it wasn't that difficult of a decision. I went with as I already had it and didn't want to pay for a new domain.

Third Step -  was to code the site. Doing this on your own even with mad programming skills is a daunting task. Doing it without any skills is impossible. Paying someone to do it can be very expensive. Without knowing if it will payoff, its hard to invest. More importantly, I am cheap and there will be no investing. I have access to google so I searched for free turnkey websites that match what my website would be. Luckily for me, google found So I downloaded the code and I was ready to start my site.

To be continued...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Passive Income

Well, I figured if I am to be like my new heroes Bessie & Kyle from, I have to have passive income. I am back to muse finding essentially! Fuck! I still can't find the bitch!

but wait - wait - I found this guy Pat from Awesome dude! Basically tells you how he got started and lots of information on how he got there. Even tells you how much he makes in a month and from which source! Its totally awesome! I can't believe this guy is just basically saying what his strategies are but I think his message is to let anyone who would listen that passive income is possible - all you need is some work (might be a problem since I am lazy) and some luck and the internet and your dreams can come true too! heck you can even copy his strategies as they are all laid out in there.

This other one - i dont know if its legit. It looks like it is but he gives you 51% of the profit of his book - all you have to do is resell it basically become an affiliate! I have never seen any affiliate programs pay that much which is where the skepticism comes in but its free - i got nothing to lose - maybe ill give it a try.

Just got an email from barnes and noble! They have a new program called Pubit! basically, you can publish your own book through nook! I have nook so I have to check it out. Only if I have some talent in writing, maybe i can publish some shit!

oh well! back to work! my life is shit! =)

Meet Plan Go!

I attended this seminar - Meet Plan Go! in Chicago a few weeks ago and it was awesome! I wish I attended one of these things before I went on my trip! They have these seminars all around the country and if you can, I highly suggest you attend them - it is free and they give you goodies!

They also had free food and lots of giveaways and prizes. Oh yeah they also have great information about traveling. The presenter was Lisa Lubin ( and they had a panel of speakers and all have traveled extensively. What's surprising was there was only 1 guy in the panel out of 4 (5 if you include Lisa) - all were women.  There was a couple and as far as I know, the 3 women were single when they took their trips! Its surprising because apparently, these women have more balls than most men apparently. They all left their jobs, sold their house and went on their trips! I mean where are the men who do this? I am not sexist - ok, maybe just a little bit but its surprising because you see on the news everyday how dangerous some of the places they went to can be. These gals went there, had a great time, learned a few things and came back to tell their stories unharmed! It actually inspired me to go to these places I was afraid to go to. Where are these places? well there's too many countries to mention but most of them were in South America which now is where I am planning to go on my next trip! Thanks to them!

Meanwhile, back at the seminar.....  It was somewhat structured but totally informal. You can ask the speakers at any given time. If you are thinking about a career break, this would be a great  resource for you. From quiting your job, cheap lodging, insurance, cheap flights, gear, selling your house/car/soul/etc... finding work while traveling (teaching english who speak better english than you speak their language), to finding work again when you come back - that is if you ever decide to come back. like these couple! They are still out there and if they can do it, I should be able to figure this out! This is exciting!

Monday, October 4, 2010

That was ugly!

Well this ain't a bears blog - but after watching a disaster last night, with a devastation so bad, I have no choice. I was proven wrong - the Bears were in fact exactly who I thought they were. The OL took their mastery of the revolving door technique to a new level! If the game continued on, they would have to outsource/offshore the QB and play remotely!

OL finally came back to their senses and played the way they were expected to play - crappy and confused. Its not entirely on the OL though, Cutler held that ball too long at times but if you were getting your head beat in like he was, you'd be timid too. Enough about the bears! They are fucking up my bliss!