Thursday, October 21, 2010

Internet Marketing - Samurai Style

So how do I tell people about my most awesome classified ads site ala craigslist?

The answer according to google was Internet Marketing. Unfortunately, I know squat about marketing let alone internet marketing

Being in IT field, I have heard about internet marketing before but never really paid much attention to it. I heard  the buzz words - search engine optimization, pageranking, backlinks, adwords, adsense, affiliates, etc... I never realized that there was so much more to it!. Much more than what I thought.

Its actually a science - literally! Since I am a geek, I got interested in it. Great - where do I start? I am engineer by trade so naturally, I always feel like I don't need to read manuals until something blows up. I always felt like I can figure it out faster than reading a stupid manual - techies you know who you are geeks! - you know what I am talking about. Well, I am quickly realizing that Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a bitch. It is so complex and dynamic that even if I read a book about it, the info I obtain will be obsolete by the time I finish!!

Anyway, I found a tool called Market Samurai . It is not free but they have a trial promo. I am dabbling myself into this stuff now and I am starting to grasp some concepts although I wouldn't be surprised if how I understood it is completely the opposite of how it works... hopefully I figure stuff out before the trial runs out....  more to come!

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