Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I've been busy...

doing what exactly what and how it will get me closer to my goal of passive income? I don't know. I came across this one CMS tool called Joomla! and it is awesome. I have been building websites left and right!
I still have my classifieds website They are people posting there from India as well as other countries! I am not making any money on it but just the idea of different people from anywhere in the world finding my site and posting there still amazes me. It makes me want to go to those places and check it out!

I am addicted to Joomla! I have 3 more projects creating websites and Joomla is just making it so easy! Did I mention it was FREE? I have a friend, his name is Ramon Cruz from San Diego, who is an absolutely brilliant guitar player - check him out

I just think he needs to be exposed and be out there. He has the talent so I intend to help him out by creating him a website. So that's why its taking a long time in between posts. I am trying to be a Joomla expert! Not that anyone is dying to read my blogs, I just wanted it to be updated as much as I can so I can document my adventure in trying to find my muse!

Kinda like Pat... You see next to Tim Ferris Pat has been my role model for passive income... Tim opened my eyes to the possibility and Pat is great in detailing the steps on how to create your muse. The only way I can repay these guys for all the knowledge they have given me are backlinks. They probably have enough but I guess a few more cant hurt - right Pat? Good job man and keep it up - you are an inspiration! SEO is a lot of work but exciting! I saw one of my sites to be ranked in google at #8 one time but its back to obscurity again. I am just happy it made it in the first page for one of my keywords even for a short time! I don't have enough backlinks!!!

Speaking of backlinks, I posted a blog about a seminar I attended a few months ago called Meet Plan Go!. I talked about the seminar and what not - not thinking that anyone would be reading it. All of a sudden, they were 2 comments - one from the presenter Lisa Lubin of and one of the panelists Megan Kearney! How in the hell were they able to find me? I had to review what I wrote right away just to make sure I didn't write anything bad - although it would have been too late because they already read it! Not that I had anything bad to say about the seminar but have their been any, it would be awkward when I go to the next event, learn more stuff about traveling and get free stuff again! you know what I mean? Seriously though, if you are thinking of traveling or just taking a long vacation, go to their seminar. Its FREE! and its a GREAT event! You have nothing to lose but your fear of actually getting out there and meeting new people and learning new cultures! I keep reading the blogs from this couple from Amazing that they can keep it going for so long! It just proves what Tim Ferris is saying - it is possible and you can design your own lifestyle!.

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