Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My first website - part 2


Fourth Step - so I downloaded the code - now what? apparently, I needed to host it somewhere. So I got to thinkin... I already had a domain name registered Omnis Network - the put3.com so why not have them host it too! Brilliant!... then I saw that it was $83 for a whole year but it includes the domain name, unlimited space, PHP, mySQL, and webmail! tempting but.... it wasn't free, so naturally I was hesitant.  So I looked for other hosting sites - free ones that is - and I could have done it that way. With some clever DNS, URL forwarding, some blood, tears, caffeine and a few adjustments to my left nut, I think I could have made it worked. However, laziness overruled that thought and I figured I'd spend the money on the hosting. The adjustments to the left nut was still necessary however.

Spending bummed me out a bit so I drank a few beers and wallowed on my sorrow. In hindsight, I probably should have tried it just to prove that it could work but again, my laziness kicked in.

Fifth Step - This was hard. The hosting came with free webmail. I could sync my android phone with the free webmail. I also know about google apps. I had a decision to make - make Omnis host my email or have google do it. Since I wanted some punishment for spending on the hosting server, I chose to go with google apps

There was some work involved - nothing very hard hard though. I mean google told me exactly what needed to be done. However, if you are reading this and thinking to yourself about doing the same - a word of caution. they tell you that editing DNS entries can be dangerous to your health and your website and to make sure you know what you are doing before doing anything. While it is true, its not as bad as they make it out to be. I work in IT my whole life which means.... squat really. It just means I broke enough crap to understand what not to touch next time. You can do the same thing I did and make google your email provider. If you're an absolute newbie, I suggest to go with the provided webmail but if you are rebellious and cool like me, I suggest google apps. Fuck it - just play with those DNS entries until you get it - google it or read a wiki about it DNS. Just dont read too much though as its not really that hard to understand. You just need the basics but like most in IT, they try to make it so complex so we can look smart but its mostly BS.

Sixth Step  -  This is the 6th step? This is turning to be longer than previously thought. I initially thought I just did 3 steps but I guess I didn't. I need an editor so this shit won't be so long. Well the sixth and FINAL step is to upload the files I downloaded from open classifieds and upload it to the site. Omnis hosting gives you FTP access to your webserver so you can upload your files in there. I used filezilla ftp client (free) to upload the files. Once uploaded, I just followed the instructions which were to go to http://www.yourdomainname.com/install - and the install started. It asked for a database - what database? WTF??

ah ok - I forgot you have to create one in Omnis. So I logged in to the admin console of Omnis and went to My SQL Manager. There was a link to "Create a new database" so I did and followed the wizard. Once completed, it gave me some parameters - mySQL hostname, database name, username and password - all were automatically generated. I took note of these parameters and I input them on the install (it asked  for it). I assumed everything was correct because next thing I know, I have a classified ads website.

To be continued......

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