Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My first website - part 3 - last part


Now that the easy part is done, the hard part was about to begin. Customizing and adding the ads were a bit hard. Well, let me clarify that. Adding the ads was actually quite easy in Open Classifieds. The admin panel allows you to ad sites very easily - just copy and paste code from your adsense and into the site.

Copy and paste your  adsense or amazon code and make sure that the advertisement module is enabled on  the sidebar and you should have ads. If you have a blog here and have monetized your blog, this should be familiar to you.

The difficult part was to make it look like the way I wanted to which how looks now.  The problem was the banner ads in google or in amazon are 728x90 which is a bit wider than what the original settings. I had to modify the css stuff to extend it and figuring out which one was a bitch

After I figured the ads out, it still didn't look quite right. I had an idea to place a logo like ebay but the problem was I had no idea how to make one. I certainly did not have the skills to create one. I suppose I can learn how to do it but again, I am lazy so I turned to google. I found  You can design your own logo for free. That was painless. Just follow simple instructions and you have your logo. You can they buy it for $10 but there is a free option and you can guess which one i chose.

So... checklist
  1. Domain Name - check
  2. Server Host - check
  3. Web Site code - check
  4. Ads - check
  5. How would people know about the site? - I don't know
I have some homework to do..... 

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