Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Passive Income

Well, I figured if I am to be like my new heroes Bessie & Kyle from, I have to have passive income. I am back to muse finding essentially! Fuck! I still can't find the bitch!

but wait - wait - I found this guy Pat from Awesome dude! Basically tells you how he got started and lots of information on how he got there. Even tells you how much he makes in a month and from which source! Its totally awesome! I can't believe this guy is just basically saying what his strategies are but I think his message is to let anyone who would listen that passive income is possible - all you need is some work (might be a problem since I am lazy) and some luck and the internet and your dreams can come true too! heck you can even copy his strategies as they are all laid out in there.

This other one - i dont know if its legit. It looks like it is but he gives you 51% of the profit of his book - all you have to do is resell it basically become an affiliate! I have never seen any affiliate programs pay that much which is where the skepticism comes in but its free - i got nothing to lose - maybe ill give it a try.

Just got an email from barnes and noble! They have a new program called Pubit! basically, you can publish your own book through nook! I have nook so I have to check it out. Only if I have some talent in writing, maybe i can publish some shit!

oh well! back to work! my life is shit! =)

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