Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend!

A lot of things to be thankful for - family, friends and good food! Did not go out to the malls and buy any toy this year! As part of my bliss finding mission, I try to enjoy and appreciate more of what I already have and I must say, I am pleased. Although I am trying to put up an affiliate web store so I am counting on those people who do buy stuff. It makes me wonder if those people/affiliates who do make money selling stuff if they actuallly buy the stuff they sell.... hmmm.. I wonder...

Anyway - chugging along.. Like I said, I am trying to put up an affiliate store. Research/test stages still. Ill post when I have something concrete. Anyway, early indications so far shows that SEO will be an important strategy in going about this! I should be in a hurry but I feel like it more important to be able to setup a repeatable process as one store will not deliver my bliss. 

Ahh back to the grind tomorrow... but at least the bears won and packers lost. Bears are 8-3! A lot to be thankful for indeed!

Monday, November 22, 2010

SEO - Submit Your Site - Yahoo Site Explorer

How to submit your site to Yahoo Site Explorer?
  1. Login to your yahoo account. If you don't have one - then create one son! its free!
  2. Go to
  3. Type in the URL of your site

  4. You will then have to verify your site - once again, the easiest option here is to download the HTML code they provide and upload it to the root of your site.
  5. Once verified, wait a few weeks.
Yahoo indexing is slow - slower than bings but definitely much slower than google. I don't know why. Also, I don't understand how they read meta keyword tags. Some of my sites display the correct keywords - the one I configured and some sites are complete non-sense and it shows that it never gets indexed. However, when you search on that keyword, it shows up in the SERP - a new term I learned stands for Search Enginer Results Page.  I don't understand it at all and this SEO shit is starting to piss me off!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SEO - Submit Your Site - Google Webmaster tools

As  I mentioned in my previous post, submitting your site to Google is mandatory if you want your site to ever be found on the net. So, just how do you submit your site to Google for indexing? - well just Google it and you'll find the answer - just kidding. It's actually very easy - here are the steps
  1. go to, click on "Sign in to Webmaster Tools" button and login using your gmail account. If you don't have one, go to and create one.

  2. Once logged in, click on Add Site - type in your URL

  3. Verify your site. You have 4 options but the easiest way to do it is via the 3rd option by uploading an HTML file. It will ask you to download the HTML code. Upload that HTML to your site. If you don't know how, check with your hosting service provider - but its usually via FTP.

  4. Once verified, wait a while and your site should be indexed by google.
You have just submitted to Google. Another things I did was submitting a feed (RSS) to tell google about the changes to my site. You can use a sitemap generator (just google sitemap generator and you should see a ton of results on how to generate one for free) and then place the generated XML in your web server. Submit the sitemap by clicking on sitemaps in Google Webmaster and configure URL where your sitemap is located - usually its Supposedly, this helps google bot index your site so anything to help that bot out, you must do.
    Next - Submitting to Yahoo Site Explorer...

    Tuesday, November 16, 2010

    SEO - Submit Your Site

    Now that I have these websites up and running, its time to "put it out there" on the web so people can use it and hopefully click on my fucking ads so I can get my muse already! I am still learning about SEO but I will document first what I have done to get started. All this is based on what I have researched online.

    First, you would want the search engines to know about your site. You can do this two ways apparently

    1. Do nothing - eventually, search engine bots will find your site and index it accordingly.
    2. Submit your site and tell the search engine about your site so they can index it faster.
    The first option is tempting - but with the millions of website popping up everyday, it might take years before your website eventually gets noticed. I actually tried this approach with my classified ads website I had it running for 3 months initially and no one posted a single ad. Needless to say, first option is stupid so the only real option is to submit your site to a search engine. I guess it makes me an idiot for listing it as an option and an even bigger idiot for actually trying it but I just couldn't pass the opportunity of missing the chance of it working with me not doing anything. It was too big of a risk to take so initially, I did nothing. As for the 2nd option, how do you submit your site to the search engines? It turns out, you have options here too. 
    1. You can pay someone to do it for you - nice but it involves me spending money so not really an option for me
    2. You can use websites or some software that "promise" to submit your site for free - also nice but how do you know it really got submitted?
    3. You can submit it manually - free and you know that it will get submitted.
    Obvious choice is 3 - doing nothing part doesn't work damn! anyway, submitting your site is not really that difficult. Deciding on where to submit it is another issue. There are thousands of search engines and indexing websites out there. My research told me that here is really only one that is absolutely necessary (google) and 3 others that are pretty good too - that limits the amount of work I have to do so that's good. I submitted my websites in this order
    1. Google webmaster tools  - mandatory if you want your website to ever be found
    2. DMOZ - good stuff! actual people looking at your site (volunteers) and properly indexing your site according to category. It takes a while though but it is very accurate. 
    3. Yahoo site explorer - optional but recommended
    4. Bing Webmaster toolbox - optional but recommended
    To be continued..... 

    Blogger Android App

    How come there is no "official" blogger app for andriod?

    I don't get it. Blogger is part of Google and yet there is no app for it. Is blogger the unwanted stepchild of Google? Wordpress has an official app for android. It would be cool to be able to update your blogger from anywhere and in this day and age, you should be able to do that! What's up with that Google?

    Moto Cliq Sucks!

    I am starting to really hate my moto cliq. For starters, it still has the ancient version of android as moto has not done anything to integrate their "blur" crap into android 2.2. The original release date was back in February for the upgrade but its November now and no update to be seen!

    Recently, Google came out with app inventor. It enables you to create android apps without really knowing how to program. I recently got accepted by Google to participate in the project and I was very excited as I would have the ability to create my own apps in android. I installed it only to find out that moto cliq do not have the drivers needed for the app inventor!

    Moto just sucks! No wonder they are going down the toilet!
    • No Android 2.2 ever!
    • No app inventor!
    • Phone freezes!
    I am never buying another Moto phone ever again! Time to look at HTC and Samsung!

    Saturday, November 13, 2010

    Pacquiao is amazing!

    Wow what a great fight! PPV was worth every penny! Manny is the definitely the best pound for pound. No arguments left! Margarito was a big dude and his face looked like it got hit by truck who then realized he hit something and backed up and run 'em over again! Poor guy but have to give it to him - his got heart for staying in there and taking that beating! He took that beating like a man even though he outweighed him Manny by 15 pounds!

    What's next for Manny, fighting in the heavyweight division? There is no one else left to fight except Mayweather but his afraid of Manny so - there is no one else... ok ill end it here -its not a boxing blog but I just witnessed greatness..

    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    Website for a friend! my 5th website!

    Well I just launched my 5th website!

    This time, its for a friend of mine - his name is Ramon Cruz and he lives in San Diego . He is a brilliant guitar player. He plays regularly in the Spanish Village of Art in Balboa Park in San Diego. I really believe that all he needs is exposure. He has the talent and if I can help, why not. I always wanted to create a website for him but hosting was a big issue. As an artist starting out, let alone a recent migrant - it is incredibly hard to break into the scene. Its also hard to work and still devote time to your craft and money can be hard to come by. I am not rich either so I couldn't really volunteer to pay for hosting his site. However, he perseveres and you have to admire him for that. I know someday somehow,  he will succeed! So back to the problem at hand - how do I get him a website? Problem solved! Recently, I found out that omnis, a hosting company I have used for my first site allows unlimited amount of sub-domains! They also feature unlimited amount of hard drive space, bandwidth and mySQL database! I can create multiple websites with different domain names and still use my original hosting service! If that's confusing, that would be my fault because I lack the capacity to explain things better but essentially, I can host as many websites with their own domain names as much as I want all for one price! All I have to do was purchase a new domain name which was cheap! I was ecstatic! I thought they were the only hosting company who did this but it turns out everyone pretty much does it the same way so that joy* was somewhat short-lived but nonetheless, very awesome news! There is no email for all the other new domain - just for the parent domain but you can use google apps (free) so you can get your own email - that is - to make it look professional! All you have to do is set some DNS entries and that's easy enough to do. If you are not familiar with DNS, well its time to get familiar with it because if you want to save money on hosting services, this would be the way to go!

    So anyway, I created the site using Joomla. Same steps - find a GNU (free) template that is suitable, customize the banner (use GIMP - its like a free version of photoshop), think of what content you would like to see in there  and then download and install the Joomla component/plugin/module (free versions) you need to display that content. Add a few pictures, write some stuff about the website - what, who, when, etc... and viola! A fully functional site with your own domain name, your own email, calendar and doc system (google aps). All that is left is to  market it - so I submitted the site to Google webmaster tools, Yahoo site explorer, and Bing Webmaster tools. I also installed Google analytics to track the traffic! I also added some meta tags for SEO - applying what I have learned so far (someday I have to blog about what I learned in SEO so I don't forget) . Now its wait and see if I get any traffic on the site.

    I did all this in hopes of getting my friend some exposure and maybe get some gigs in the process. From what I have heard, its very difficult to break into the scene as new artist. He is also a  recent migrant and we have a really shitty economy so he I figured he needs a break. I know money nowadays can be hard to come by but if gets exposure on the site and be able to land some gigs and maybe a contract, then I did good. Visit his site -

    * The thought was if omnis was the only hosting company that did this, I can affiliate myself with them and market that capability by showing people how to do it - it is very easy! I can still show it. Ill create a how to guide someday. If you by any chance read this post and would like to know how to do this, leave a comment =)

    Wednesday, November 10, 2010

    My 4th website!

    I just launched my 4th website!

    The amazing thing is that I just launched my first last month! Joomla rocks! I did this in a span of about 2 weeks! The 4th website is I launched this one 1st week of November and I am already seeing some good numbers on it. I am not using adwords this time - just facebook and twitter to adverstise this site. On occasions, I just talk to random people and beg them to go to the site. So far, my efforts have been paying of as I am seeing a steady growth of traffic from different parts of the globe too!

    What is the site about?

    Well its about Drian "Gintong Kamao" Francisco who is a professional boxer from the Philippines. His moniker is "Gintong Kamao" which means Golden Fists in Tagalog/Filipino. He's a very talented young boxer with a ton of potential but does not have a lot of exposure outside the Philippines. He can be the next Manny Pacquiao! So I decided to help him out - well actually, his manager happens to be my cousin and he asked me if I can promote Drian in the US. Of course I said yes. The easiest way to spread the word was through a website, hence was created. This was the 2nd site I created with Joomla and this time, I was more at ease creating the site. That doesn't mean it was easy though. It was still tough to do and a lot of customization had to be done. Overall though, if I had to write all that code by myself, fughedaboutit!! Joomla is awesome! I can't say enough about how great it is. Its also free!

    I am also almost done with my fifth website, This time, I created a website for a friend of mine who is an amazing guitar player. Like Drian, has a ton of potential but not enough exposure. I don't get paid for any of this - as a matter of fact, I pay for the hosting and domain names! Its ok though, I like what I am doing, I am learning a lot of things, and if it helps these two, then why not? It makes the world a better place. Oh, I almost forgot, I found a way for the hosting part to be a lot cheaper which is why I am able to create these sites now! Till next time...

    Tuesday, November 9, 2010

    SEO - Search Engine Optimization

    Let me start of by saying that SEO is a bitch. If it's not quite obvious yet, I am not an expert at SEO. As a matter of fact, I know dont know jack about SEO. In fact, my knowledge about SEO extends to about trying spelling it correctly and I can barely keep up with that!

    I am trying to learn though - and its a very slow fucking process! There are so much information out there about SEO I feel like I am the only one in the world who knows nothing about it! What the fuck? The kicker is even if I learn all this stuff, there's no guarantee that it will work as google as well as other search engines/directories, constantly change the way they do their rankings! Knowing this doesn't exactly motivate me to go out there and learn all this stuff but if I am too succeed, I know I have to learn this at the very least be "good enough". The fact that I am lazy doesn't help either. I can pay someone to do this for me but I am cheap so that option is really not an option. Plus, I don't know enough about it and call me crazy but I like to be able to understand what it is that I am buying prior to buying it! Another plus is that it goes against what I have been trying to do which is to spend the least amount in creating my muse.

    So, now I am stuck trying to learn all this stuff and so I begin with the tools available on line. Problem is there are literally thousands upon thousands of tools available out there and just like everything and everyone else in this world, the good ones are expensive! Take for instance market samurai. I got introduced to market samurai from reading Pat's blogs. He's got some useful tips in there about how to use it, different strategies, etc. I learned about importance of backlinks and how it can affect your page ranking - problem is as soon as you learn all this stuff, google might change the way they rank and you're back to square one - again! WTF?

    I also started adwords and so far, it is the best tool to get traffic to your site. I use it and it has driven traffic from all over the world! It is amazing. Problem is it ain't cheap. Good news is you can set your daily ad budget. I set mine for $5 a day. My site is getting good hits but the problem is adwords cost money. I do get some clicks on my ads though so I make money on the Adsense but the money is essentially a wash as the money I make in Adsense - I just use to pay Adwords so in the end, only Google wins. I guess the good news is its driving traffic to my site which in itself is quite exciting! It does prove one thing though - that it is possible to generate passive income if you can make your site very interesting! I am excited again and I don't know why??

    Saturday, November 6, 2010


    I love google! Google is so awesome and not only is it the best search engine but most (not all) of the stuff they come up with are very kewl! Take the app inventor for android for instance - lets you create an android app without knowing how to program! I mean how awesome is this? Its not open to everyone yet but so was gmail back in the day! This is unbelievable!!

    Here are some of the google products which (I call "google stuff"- not very creative but works for me so.. ) I use almost on a daily basis and this is not in any particular order
    • Well - duh.. to search stuff
    • Android phone
    • Gmail
    • Google docs
    • Google maps
    • Google voice
    • Google wave
    • Google apps
    • Google adsense
    • Google webmaster tools
    • Google adwords
    • Blogspot
    • Google translate
    • Google squared
    • Google analytics
    • Chrome
    • Youtube
    • Picasa
    • Google talk
    • Google DNS
    I am sure I am forgetting some more... come to think of it, my whole internet experience revolves around google! Google is my internet! Google provides almost all of this for FREE!!!! 

    With all that said, I am officially using this blog entry to give thanks to Google to the many "google stuff" I use, depend on and enjoy today! I don't know if many people realize the impact of google on the internet - just think about it - what if there was no google??? wow!! scary thought wouldn't you say?

    So to everyone in GOOGLE!! THANK YOU SO MUCH  for being so awesome! 

    NOTE: There should be an official google day! I think I should start organizing one!

    Thursday, November 4, 2010

    First Blog... in November

    Time surely flies.... it's already November! I started this blog back in May then stopped for 3 months and picked it up again in September. I must say that writing is hard! A lot of times, I dont know what to write! Someone suggested that I should write whatever is happening to me but I find that a bit disturbing and not to mention boring.

    Writing, I must admit, has been therapeutic for me! Lot of the self help books says that it helps to put your thoughts on paper - kinda going on a out of body experience seeing it from another perspective. I used to think that was nonsense but as I read through my blogs, its kinda nice!

    My November resolution - that's right, I am now into monthly resolutions - is to try to write more about stuff that I am doing to market my classified ads website I am currently addicted to Joomla and slowly learning more about PHP! I still can't believe its free! Ill take it though. I already created 2 sites using it: - is a professional boxer from the Philippines who I am trying to promote here in the US. His manager is my cousin! - is a trading company owned by another cousin. I completed this whole site in a matter of days!

    As I said in my previous post, I am starting to learn about SEO. A lot of stuff to take in - a lot of strands in the old duder's head man! I will write about those too!