Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Blog... in November

Time surely flies.... it's already November! I started this blog back in May then stopped for 3 months and picked it up again in September. I must say that writing is hard! A lot of times, I dont know what to write! Someone suggested that I should write whatever is happening to me but I find that a bit disturbing and not to mention boring.

Writing, I must admit, has been therapeutic for me! Lot of the self help books says that it helps to put your thoughts on paper - kinda going on a out of body experience seeing it from another perspective. I used to think that was nonsense but as I read through my blogs, its kinda nice!

My November resolution - that's right, I am now into monthly resolutions - is to try to write more about stuff that I am doing to market my classified ads website I am currently addicted to Joomla and slowly learning more about PHP! I still can't believe its free! Ill take it though. I already created 2 sites using it: - is a professional boxer from the Philippines who I am trying to promote here in the US. His manager is my cousin! - is a trading company owned by another cousin. I completed this whole site in a matter of days!

As I said in my previous post, I am starting to learn about SEO. A lot of stuff to take in - a lot of strands in the old duder's head man! I will write about those too!

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