Saturday, November 6, 2010


I love google! Google is so awesome and not only is it the best search engine but most (not all) of the stuff they come up with are very kewl! Take the app inventor for android for instance - lets you create an android app without knowing how to program! I mean how awesome is this? Its not open to everyone yet but so was gmail back in the day! This is unbelievable!!

Here are some of the google products which (I call "google stuff"- not very creative but works for me so.. ) I use almost on a daily basis and this is not in any particular order
  • Well - duh.. to search stuff
  • Android phone
  • Gmail
  • Google docs
  • Google maps
  • Google voice
  • Google wave
  • Google apps
  • Google adsense
  • Google webmaster tools
  • Google adwords
  • Blogspot
  • Google translate
  • Google squared
  • Google analytics
  • Chrome
  • Youtube
  • Picasa
  • Google talk
  • Google DNS
I am sure I am forgetting some more... come to think of it, my whole internet experience revolves around google! Google is my internet! Google provides almost all of this for FREE!!!! 

With all that said, I am officially using this blog entry to give thanks to Google to the many "google stuff" I use, depend on and enjoy today! I don't know if many people realize the impact of google on the internet - just think about it - what if there was no google??? wow!! scary thought wouldn't you say?

So to everyone in GOOGLE!! THANK YOU SO MUCH  for being so awesome! 

NOTE: There should be an official google day! I think I should start organizing one!

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