Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Moto Cliq Sucks!

I am starting to really hate my moto cliq. For starters, it still has the ancient version of android as moto has not done anything to integrate their "blur" crap into android 2.2. The original release date was back in February for the upgrade but its November now and no update to be seen!

Recently, Google came out with app inventor. It enables you to create android apps without really knowing how to program. I recently got accepted by Google to participate in the project and I was very excited as I would have the ability to create my own apps in android. I installed it only to find out that moto cliq do not have the drivers needed for the app inventor!

Moto just sucks! No wonder they are going down the toilet!
  • No Android 2.2 ever!
  • No app inventor!
  • Phone freezes!
I am never buying another Moto phone ever again! Time to look at HTC and Samsung!

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