Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Let me start of by saying that SEO is a bitch. If it's not quite obvious yet, I am not an expert at SEO. As a matter of fact, I know dont know jack about SEO. In fact, my knowledge about SEO extends to about trying spelling it correctly and I can barely keep up with that!

I am trying to learn though - and its a very slow fucking process! There are so much information out there about SEO I feel like I am the only one in the world who knows nothing about it! What the fuck? The kicker is even if I learn all this stuff, there's no guarantee that it will work as google as well as other search engines/directories, constantly change the way they do their rankings! Knowing this doesn't exactly motivate me to go out there and learn all this stuff but if I am too succeed, I know I have to learn this at the very least be "good enough". The fact that I am lazy doesn't help either. I can pay someone to do this for me but I am cheap so that option is really not an option. Plus, I don't know enough about it and call me crazy but I like to be able to understand what it is that I am buying prior to buying it! Another plus is that it goes against what I have been trying to do which is to spend the least amount in creating my muse.

So, now I am stuck trying to learn all this stuff and so I begin with the tools available on line. Problem is there are literally thousands upon thousands of tools available out there and just like everything and everyone else in this world, the good ones are expensive! Take for instance market samurai. I got introduced to market samurai from reading Pat's blogs. He's got some useful tips in there about how to use it, different strategies, etc. I learned about importance of backlinks and how it can affect your page ranking - problem is as soon as you learn all this stuff, google might change the way they rank and you're back to square one - again! WTF?

I also started adwords and so far, it is the best tool to get traffic to your site. I use it put3.com and it has driven traffic from all over the world! It is amazing. Problem is it ain't cheap. Good news is you can set your daily ad budget. I set mine for $5 a day. My site is getting good hits but the problem is adwords cost money. I do get some clicks on my ads though so I make money on the Adsense but the money is essentially a wash as the money I make in Adsense - I just use to pay Adwords so in the end, only Google wins. I guess the good news is its driving traffic to my site which in itself is quite exciting! It does prove one thing though - that it is possible to generate passive income if you can make your site very interesting! I am excited again and I don't know why??

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