Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SEO - Submit Your Site

Now that I have these websites up and running, its time to "put it out there" on the web so people can use it and hopefully click on my fucking ads so I can get my muse already! I am still learning about SEO but I will document first what I have done to get started. All this is based on what I have researched online.

First, you would want the search engines to know about your site. You can do this two ways apparently

  1. Do nothing - eventually, search engine bots will find your site and index it accordingly.
  2. Submit your site and tell the search engine about your site so they can index it faster.
The first option is tempting - but with the millions of website popping up everyday, it might take years before your website eventually gets noticed. I actually tried this approach with my classified ads website Put3.com. I had it running for 3 months initially and no one posted a single ad. Needless to say, first option is stupid so the only real option is to submit your site to a search engine. I guess it makes me an idiot for listing it as an option and an even bigger idiot for actually trying it but I just couldn't pass the opportunity of missing the chance of it working with me not doing anything. It was too big of a risk to take so initially, I did nothing. As for the 2nd option, how do you submit your site to the search engines? It turns out, you have options here too. 
  1. You can pay someone to do it for you - nice but it involves me spending money so not really an option for me
  2. You can use websites or some software that "promise" to submit your site for free - also nice but how do you know it really got submitted?
  3. You can submit it manually - free and you know that it will get submitted.
Obvious choice is 3 - doing nothing part doesn't work damn! anyway, submitting your site is not really that difficult. Deciding on where to submit it is another issue. There are thousands of search engines and indexing websites out there. My research told me that here is really only one that is absolutely necessary (google) and 3 others that are pretty good too - that limits the amount of work I have to do so that's good. I submitted my websites in this order
  1. Google webmaster tools  - mandatory if you want your website to ever be found
  2. DMOZ - good stuff! actual people looking at your site (volunteers) and properly indexing your site according to category. It takes a while though but it is very accurate. 
  3. Yahoo site explorer - optional but recommended
  4. Bing Webmaster toolbox - optional but recommended
To be continued..... 

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