Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend!

A lot of things to be thankful for - family, friends and good food! Did not go out to the malls and buy any toy this year! As part of my bliss finding mission, I try to enjoy and appreciate more of what I already have and I must say, I am pleased. Although I am trying to put up an affiliate web store so I am counting on those people who do buy stuff. It makes me wonder if those people/affiliates who do make money selling stuff if they actuallly buy the stuff they sell.... hmmm.. I wonder...

Anyway - chugging along.. Like I said, I am trying to put up an affiliate store. Research/test stages still. Ill post when I have something concrete. Anyway, early indications so far shows that SEO will be an important strategy in going about this! I should be in a hurry but I feel like it more important to be able to setup a repeatable process as one store will not deliver my bliss. 

Ahh back to the grind tomorrow... but at least the bears won and packers lost. Bears are 8-3! A lot to be thankful for indeed!

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