Thursday, December 16, 2010

Google Schmoogle Part 2

So I got a phone call from a "Google Representative" at work today. Here's how it went

GR: Can I speak to (my predecessor's name)?
Me: I am sorry but he is no longer with the company.
GR: Well can I speak to his replacement? (in a commanding tone)
Me: I am the replacement - how can I help you.
GR: Oh my name is such and such and I am from Google. I NEED your email address so I can send you some PDFs.
Me: Ok.. uhmmmm.. What are the PDFs about?
GR: Oh I am sorry, my name is such and such and I am from GOOGLE (like I didn't heard the last time).  I NEEEED your email address so I can send you information about Google's Cloud Services
Me: (irritated at the arrogance at this point).. What if I don't want it?
GR: OH... uhmmmmm.. (amazed that I asked that question - cant believe I would say NO to GOOGLE) well its up to you... if you dont want it
Me: Ok then.. thanks??

She then hanged up the phone without saying goodbye.. Really?? That's your sales pitch?? Are they this arrogant now?? Oh NO!!  my life is ruined now because I am not going to get the PDFs about Google Cloud services! C'mon man!! Google you need to train your Sales Rep better! Understand that just because your GOOGLE doesn't mean we should be begging to BUY your service..

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