Saturday, December 18, 2010

Got My Free Chromium Laptop!!!

So I got my free Chromium Netbook from GOOGLE today! I was wondering what was UPS trying to deliver - I don't recall ordering anything! It was a very pleasant surprise and an excellent early Christmas present! Very Kewl! This post was written using the new chromium..

So how did I get to be so lucky? Well some time ago, I was looking for an alternative OS for no particular reason - I am a geek, what can I say? Anyway, as I was perusing through the list of open-source OSs, I came across Google's Chromium. I thought that it would be interesting to see if you had an OS that was the browser! I spend most of the time in the browser anyway so why not bypass everything else and go straight to the browser?I tried to download it but only the source-code was available The actual OS was not. So I signed up to get updates as to when it will be released. Months went by when I got an email from the Chromium team saying that since I signed up to get the updates, would I be interested in testing it out the new Chromium - in a brand new netbook provided by them! Of course, being that it was free, I signed up for it! There were a few questions but the last question asked why I deserved to get a free netbook...

well theres a lot of ins, a lot of outs, a lot of what have yous.. but I use google all the time. Not just the search - I use it for everything. I am using it right now! Anyway, I responded and said I was cool whether they send me one or not but would like to thank Google anyway for the many services I use and like most google users, take for granted. Thank you Google!!

Now that we got that out of the way, how's the new netbook? First impression - well, its black, has no markings, no logos, no nothing. Just a screen, a keyboard, a built-in webcam, a battery and a "Giant" touchpad. Other than that, there is nothing else on it I mean nothing.. no logos, no warnings... its like the hardware version of the google homepage..

Top View

Keyboad and giant touchpad

I wish the keyboard would lit if its dark so you can use it in low light

Top View when open

Bottom View

This thing is freaky fast!! If you want to get online - just online, update your facebook, submit a tweet or whatever it is that you do online in an instant, this is your answer. I mean you open the thing and its there. You are online.. I am sure Ill find things I don't like about it but so far, I am digging their style dude! Awesome!!! Thank you once again Google!!

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