Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dumbass Lions!!

How many times are you going to kick yourself in the balls before you understand that it hurts??

Dumbass Lions!!! you do not kick to the greatest punt returner to have ever played the game!! Thank God the lions special teams are ran by idiots and my beloved Bears gave them a good kick in the ass!!!

That broke the game wide open. Lions still had a chance despite the early turnovers because the Bears offense kept stalling but as soon as Hester broke them down, it was all over. Funny thing was he was already close in 2 previous punts and again the dumbass lions kept kicking to him.

 Bears are 6-3 and the Chargers seemed to have lost their charge - pun intended. Hester should be alright and the defense is starting to play really good. The offensive line has gotten better but still needs improvement. Lance Louis has been downright nasty and for crying out loud, pay Matt Forte!!!!

Bears 34 - Chargers 24!!! Go Bears!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pacquiao lost that fight!

First of all, I am a huge Manny Pacquiao fight and I still think he is pound-for-pound the best boxer in the world. Last Saturday though, he was not the better man.

I always thought that Marquez was egregiously being undersold in this fight. He is a very good technical boxer. Unfortunately, boxing fans including myself prefer to see brawlers like Manny. Superstars always get the benefit of the doubt and to be fair, Pacquiao did do enough to make the fight really close. Nacho made a tactical mistake telling his fighter that he was ahead by so many points. Marquez gave that fight away. It seems like Nacho and JMM forgot that Manny held the championship belt and if you want to it, you are going to have to take it!!

As for JMM stepping on Pacquiao, does it have merit? Maybe, maybe not but in my opinion, mostly not. Pacquiao fights southpaw and JMM fights regular stance and MP getting stepped on is part of the game.  More importantly, that is not why Pacquiao lost that fight. There was no aggression in him unlike in his previous fights. He is now too refined and he lost that sheer aggression he had before and understandably so (being already rich). Ali had Smokin Joe (RIP) and MP has JMM. I don't think a rematch will prove anything.

As far as conspiracy theories go, wouldn't it be logical for Pacquiao to scale back his game (but not lose) so Mayweather will start to think that he can take on Pacquiao?

A Pacquiao - Mayweather fight will bring in more money now that Pacquiao does not seem to be that invincible! Mayweather beating Pacquiao is complete nonsense though - if the fight does happen, Pacquiao will knock his ass out!

Pacquio vs. Mayweather will be thrilla in Manila 2!!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Walking Dead

From AMC's official walking dead website
If you have not seen AMC's walking dead series, then you are missing some good shit! Awesome fucking show! AMC's been coming with some good shit lately but this one by far in my opinion is the best by far! I can't get enough of this show and I can't wait for the next episode on Sunday!

The 2nd season is currently underway and if you missed the 1st season (6 episodes), it may be hard to follow the story line specially if you haven't read the comic book. 

No worries though, you can watch the entire 1st season in Netflix. If you have left netflix, this may be a good reason to come back and if you have not tired netflix, this may be a good reason to try it out. They give you a free month trial anyway - and this show is worth singing up for that free trial!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Holy crap haven't been here in a while!!

Its's been a while since I posted and since I am not doing anything right now, why not post a blog. Well a lot of things have happened - some good some bad - ces't la vie as the french would say.

Haven't quite found my muse quite yet nor my bliss but I think I may have found my passion or at least one of my passions. Problem is I don't know just yet how to turn it into a muse! No worries though, I figured just keep on keeping on!

In the meantime, I recruited 2 of my friends to start a project. The idea is simple - to find decent places to eat on a budget of $100 for all 3 and it will include breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and snacks! No real plans though - were just making this shit up as we go along.

I am not quite sure how successful we will be but getting to spend some time friends and have a few laughs will make it worthwhile. On the plus side, we get to explore places around town we would never had a chance of going. Ill post here the places we go to.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2 months went by fast!

For 2 months I haven't posted anything here. Just been lazy. Have been busy with a project with work which is both sucky (if that's a word) and good. Good because I am learning a lot and it sucks because I can't get to do the other stuff that would help me find my muse. Well that's my excuse - not really a reason

My websites are still up and running and traffic is steady but I haven't paid much close attention to it. I figured I'd just let it take its course and see where it takes me. Translation - I haven't made shit from it but I'd like to keep things positive.

What happened the last 2 months? I went to Europe and really liked it there! Paris was awesome but so was Italy. Madrid was beautiful and so was Lisbon. The French were the nicest people contrary to popular belief - italians are rude - not all of course but most of the people i encountered were. Compared to the brits though, italians are saints! The Brits are snob, rude assholes! Italy is a beautiful country and the romans built some good shit over there... fucking amazing!

There isn't a single starbucks in italy I was wondering about that until I tasted Italian coffee. Italians would absolutely piss on starbucks! Starbucks is trying to recreate the coffee bar experience in Italy and fails miserably. Coffee in starbucks is just bigger but the taste is not even close.

Italian food is amazing! French butter is out of this world! Everything just tastes better over there - only issue is the price. Its fucking expensive!

My travel to Europe just fueled even more my desire to travel the world! I have to find my muse. I was reading an article about traveling and writing and how writing for a living can be a good source of income for a traveler. Article said that writing is just another skill and hence, it can be learned. So I write - I know my writing sucks.. my thoughts are fucking everywhere.. but fuck it.. just continue to write like no ones reading and in this case - no one is reading...

Keep on keeping on!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Keep on Rolling..

Well its been a few months and I haven't had much financial success with my niche websites. Then again, these websites are very young and I must say that it is harder than what it initially seemed to be. Its not passive at all. It's actual work and at times, it can be frustrating.

My body project is going well though. I have lost 50lbs in just over 2 months and the techniques in the 4HB book by Tim Ferriss works. I have since declared an all out war on my body fat and I am never been this determined to defeat it. I am throwing down the gauntlet - nutrition, exercise and medication. The only thing I will
not submit to is surgery.

The main motivator so far is tracking the results. I weigh and measure myself everyday after waking up and record those measurements in a spreadsheet. I use 3 free tools to accomplish this. Google docs for the spreadsheet, Evernote for the notes/diary I am keeping, and astrid to remind me of the exercises I need to do and when to do it. Its working well so far and I keep my goals simple, easy and quick to accomplish. Every time I feel lazy, I just remember

  1. Overcoming Inertia
  2. Momentum
  3. Record and track the results
I think I am actually getting obsessed with this thing. I have been re-reading parts of the 4HB over and over again and then researching them. I use Evernote to keep track of interesting stuff and then I research the heck out of it. 

I don't follow everything in the book exactly and I have experiments of my own. It keeps me motivated being able to track real results.

Real and track-able results is the key and is my main problem with my niche sites. I keep researching which metrics to pay attention to and then research some more on how to improve those metrics. The results are too inconsistent and its frustrating. I am not sure if the key is just to let them mature and the traffic will flow eventually but its like watching paint dry. The exciting part is that the idea of making money on the internet does if you can get traffic to your site. Easier said than done of course. 

Ill just keep on rolling though. I am convinced that at some point, Ill figure this all out and Ill find my goddamn muse - I just need to keep on keeping on.

"life's a garden, dig it..." - Joe Dirt

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Haven't Posted In A While

Title says it all. It's been over a month since my last post. My quest for my muse is still on-going. I have not stopped nor have any intentions of ever stopping. I actually think that when I find one, I will start looking of another one. I have been busy and that's good. I should be writing about it but I have not and that's all on me. I do have a couple of projects that I am working on which I don't know will lead to my muse but I won't know unless I try.

I think that's the whole point. We won't know unless we try. It would seem like a tremendous amount of wasted effort if it doesn't work though and I think that's where the fear comes in.

I have been gathering analytics data on my niche websites as well as other projects and have been tweaking them then testing then tweaking some more and I am starting to learn. I have had some success but more failures but I am learning tremendously so I guess its about even.

One of the things I learned was this is not going to be easy. I thought at first that it would be but its not that hard either. I just have to move but move with a purpose. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income said it best - there is a difference in working on something and working towards something. Thinking is good  action is better and deliberate action is the best.

Anyway just a few things I always keep in mind nowadays
  1. Inertia
  2. Momentum
  3. Consistent Tracking.
These three items is what I think will guide me to finding my muse. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cubs Fans - Spring Training Is Just Around the Corner

Superbowl just ended with the hated packers winning it all. I picked them to win even though I hate the packers. I must admit that ther story was too good for them to come up short. Once they have beaten my beloved Bears, there was no stopping Aaron Rodgers. That asshole! How come the fucking packers land franchise QBs just like that? Bears can't hit water if they fell off a fucking boat when it comes to QBs! They had to give up so much just to land Cutler that they no longer could afford an offensive line.

I digress - so going back to the Cubs.. ahh Cubs. My brain tells me that they are probably going to suck again this year but I also said that with the Bears when they were in training camp. I don't know if its the Cub fan in me who in the back of my mind still believe that this would be the year - and I have been saying that every year for so many years only to get disappointed again and again but somehow my heart tells me it will be different this year. Fucking Cubs... its like an ex who just won't go away but you can't stop liking. 

The only solace is that I know I am not alone. Cubs fans, although at times - ok always - obnoxious remain strong and still believe!

Cubs may have sucked for the most part of the century but you know there will always be that one time.... and that time is now! I still believe... EAMUS CATULI!! Go Cubbies!!!! 

AC000000 in 2011!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowmageddon 2011

I always thought that weathermen and women tend to exaggerate when it comes to inclement weather but they weren't fucking around yesterday! This is the most snow I have ever seen in my entire life! This one's gotta be in the record books!

My garage is buried in snow! I mean literally buried in snow! The snow was so high you couldn't even see the door knob! The alley is buried in about waist deep in snow. Good luck getting that plowed. Unfuckingbelievable!

I can't get to work even if I wanted to - not that I wanted to anyway snow or no snow but I am just saying. I feel bad for postal workers. How the fuck are they going to deliver the mail? You can't even get out of your house!

Oh well! Fuck it... just another winter in Chicago..

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Done with the first one!

I am officially done with my first project! Feels good to accomplish it. The niche site is up and running and it looks good. Really worked hard on it and followed Pat's advice (from SPI) on the back linking strategy. We'll see the results. It's been a week since I have launched the site but I didn't consider it done until I was done with the back linking stuff. It's a lot of hard tedious work but what I found in writing those articles is that at times, the words just start to flow and I just type. It's almost like I can have an out of body experience and see myself typing. Its weird. I never knew that I could do that but now I know. The most consuming time I found was actually not writing articles themselves - although that actually consumes quite a bit of time - but the the actual back linking itself takes forever! What sucks too is that some article directories take forever to approve your article. I guess it's my welcome to article marketing. I use evernote to keep track of my notes - to keep track of what works and what doesn't.  I am also using it on research clipping research materials as I add more articles to the niche site. That app is just awesome!

I've also set up google analytics but I am starting to get confused on it. I thought I understood it but I am not so sure at what I am looking at anymore so I am going to read a book about it and hopefully help my situation. All that data but I don't know if what I think they mean is what it really means - time to get some clarification fast. The sam's teach yourself google analytics in 10 mins seems ok - hopefully it has what I am looking for.

4 hour body experiment is on the way! I am using evernote and google docs to track my results. I make my measurements every morning and today was my binge day! so awesome! I am not eating like crazy but I am eating stuff I normally didn't eat during the week. I am also more active today we'll see if this works. I am also putting my own tweaks on it - I know Im not supposed to but what the hell.. it seems to be working so far! I am documenting all of it in evernotes and Ill tweak the program once i get the results.

Life is good! Time to move on to my next project. Although I know I have to write some more for the first one but that's ok. I know More work is up ahead but I am excited. Every time I  start to feel I am in a rut I just dare myself to move. Every time I start to think that a task is overwhelming - I just think about momentum - that all I have to do is overcome inertia and the rest will follow.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Found a new great tool called evernote. It lets you record anything photos, notes, web stuff, documents, email, and access it anywhere. They have a desktop version, android app and you can access it via browser! Its amazing stuff!

I am starting to use it for taking notes on the projects that I have undertaken and so far its working great. I am currently using 4 tools to keep track and organize - google docs, astrid for tasks (android), taskos (android) so i can sync with gtasks, and simple notes(android). I am trying to consolidate all of them into evernote and I think with the exception of Astrid and Google docs, I might be able to do so. Astrid and Google docs I like and you can't create spreadsheets in evernote. You can link to them though which is what I do.

It's been wonderful tracking projects, seeing my notes and being to see it and update it from anywhere is great. I am using the freebie one. It does have a small ad the bottom left hand side but its not intrusive - barely even noticed it. You need pay a subscription to get rid of it as well as get bigger storage. The tagging feature is wonderful - no need for folders! Its easy to organize my notes viewing them by tags is great!

I like it! Great app! Kudos to evernote people!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Can't get over the Bears loss...

Its Wednesday and I am still thinking about that Bears loss to the Packers. I can't believe Jay Cutler is getting all this heat that he quit during the game. He doesn't seem to care though that people are tearing him a new one and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Personally I find that hard to believe that he quit last Sunday. He had all the opportunities to quit early in the season when he was getting killed by defenses. That offensive line was a revolving door with a door man guiding you to the quarterback! I remember during the Dallas game when he was taking hit after hit and I was thinking to myself that they have to bring him back in a casket! He stayed in there. Then that Giants game happened and they finished the job that the Cowboys started.

There should be no question about the guy's toughness but he played a terrible game Sunday. He missed Hester a couple of times and he missed him wide.. Hester was open too.. woulda coulda been a touch down... I really thought the Bears would win this game - the stars were lined up for it all season and typical Bears, they found a way to screw it up.. much like my beloved Cubs.. love em anyways...

Bears got out coached plain and simple from the very start. Won the toss but deferred.. you had the crowd going wild and then Rodgers just shut them down.. can't take nothing away from the guy but the defense shut him down after the 1st half. He had a terrible qb rating.. i think it was in the 50's and he was averaging in the 120s! What bugged me the most was towards the end when the Bears were rolling calling a time out in 3rd down. It wasn't the timeout that bugged me but the play that was called after the timeout! I mean what the fuck was that? Then you don't call a timeout on 4th down...

It stings a bit.. I was so looking forward to this game as I may never see a Bears Packers for the NFC championship and this one sucks... man I can't believe I can't get over the Bears! Go BEARS!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finally moving again!!

I am so glad that I am finally moving again. I am busy but good busy. I got my projects lined up and excited about them. I just finished a niche website and I am starting to use the SEO stuff I learned. I am doing the SEM for it right now. I have also been reading Tim Ferris's new book the four hour body and its a good read. I have started a "body project" of my own. Some stuff from the book I follow but I and doing my own experimentation. He does tell you what to do and tell you what has worked for majority of the people who tried it but it doesn't always apply or you can't really adhere to it. So I use it as guidelines - a map or a reference if you will. I think that's the whole point of the book anyway. We are all different and our bodies react differently so experimentation to see what works is key. The key is to keep track. What gets measured gets managed. So I am doing that as well. I am measuring my total inches and weight. I didn't want to spend any dime on actually getting the body fat measured scientifically (although might be a good idea) so I searched the net to see if there is a "home kit" for measuring body fat. As it turns out, you can get an approximate body fat by measuring your weight and and your waist size! That's true for men only though. Women have to measure a lot more stuff which sucks for them.. but luckily I am a man, I think.. so its easy..

I don't think it has to be scientifically accurate anyway - it just has to be consistent and I can do that and its going to be cheap. Like I said, I am doing my own slightly modified version of his slow-carb diet. Hopefully, I get good results. I am using evernote and google docs to track all this stuff but i might be able to just use evernote - we'll see.

I have a very good feeling about this. I think being cognizant of what my measurements are will affect my decisions on what to eat and more importantly how much to eat. It's exciting and we'll see how it goes. It's been busy but good busy.. feels good to be moving again!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Created my first android app!

A while back, I applied for the Google's app inventor. Supposedly, App inventor was created for people like me who doesn't necessarily know how to program but can follow some instructions. I work in IT and like most geeks, I am not always good at following instructions. As a matter of fact, I never follow the manual until I get stuck. Well, I was stuck and didn't exactly to do at first. For starters, my motorola cliq phone sucks and it does not have the drivers for the app inventor to work. I stopped right there. Google actually thought about this and they knew that a lot of phones will not be compatible so they had a built-in emulator. I knew this back then but decided to put it off until I get a suitable phone. Problem is, I don't really want a new phone - well I do, but I don't want the expense of buying a new one.

Anyway, I finally got off my ass and started to get look around app inventor. Google did a nice job with the "Build your first app with the emulator". It showed the step by step process and I was able to test it on the emulator. I just followed the instructions and the kitty purred like a bastard! It was awesome!

So to my first official app, I wanted to create an app that would display a website that is already made for mobile devices. It's essentially a bookmark url. The problem with bookmark urls though is that you cannot send that bookmark to someone else. An app would do the job. I am not going through all the details on how I got the app built but essentially, I just played around with it trying different things and got it tot work! As it turns out, the app was so simple  I didn't even really need the emulator.  I packaged it and appinventor actually generated a barcode for it. I scanned it on my cliq, downloaded the app and viola! a working URL bookmark! Next step is to customize it and let the user add their own bookmarks - currently, it is just set to a specific url.

Kewlness! Got my first andriod app!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dare you to move..

I went to Lisa Lubin's blog site llworldtour.com as I was curious if she went travelling again and she did. Good for her! Apparently, she is going to South America - where I want to go on my next trip - specifically Columbia. On her own! Talk about shattering perceptions man. I envy that woman I can't wait to get on my trip.

Anyway, as I was perusing through her blog, I  came across a video in there about her travels and the video was quite nice. All the adventures and different places and people but what captured me the most was the background music. After a little googling, I found out that the title of the song was "Dare You to Move" by Switchfoot. Great Song and most appropriate too. The song hit me like a ton of bricks. See, I have been reading a lot lately about search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, back linking strategy, Pat's blogs from smartpassiveincome.com, and Tim Ferris's new book four hour body - basically research on how to find my muse and goals. After hearing that song, it made me realize that I am going about this the wrong way. Doing all this research can and is becoming sensory overload. I have all these ideas and what I wanted to do was to ensure that my ideas would work. I am a geek so I need data - I hate pursuing something I don't know will work. So I am gathering all this data and see if I can somehow tweak my ideas so it will give me a good chance of success. Problem is I have all this information on what to do, how to do it and all of a sudden, I am in a rut doubting if my original ideas will even work. In addition, I am bogged down by the idea of doing all that work and not really knowing if it will work!

I have reached paralysis through analysis as Tim would put it in the four hour workweek. It is so easy to get into this pattern probably because we are molded to be like this in school. Try and be good at everything and what ends up happening is you become average in everything and lack the confidence in being an expert in something. I still go through it - doubting myself - obsessed with gathering data. I know there is value to it but if I don't have anything to apply all that I learn from that input, it is useless. I just also realized that it is very hard to be cognizant that you are in that mode but I had a feeling that something was wrong. Somehow, my gut was telling me that I have lost my way. Lost focus and I was ignoring it. Well that has to end.

Dare you to move! I now have my harajuku moment. I realize I have to do something - anything really to achieve my goals. I need to rewrite all my goals and the steps to achieve those goals. This is what I am good at. Whether it will work or not, I don't know but I do know one thing, its hard to stop something in motion. MOMENTUM.  That's what I need to be - be in motion, gather momentum. Dare myself to move! Thank you Lisa Lubin!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Well they finally did it! They destroyed the state!

Now that Governor Quinn has passed this tax hike, goodbye businesses and hello higher unemployment rates! We are now the laughing stock of the midwest. Wisconsin and Indiana are licking their chops as they fight for fleeing businesses. Its economic suicide if you ask me and at a time when the economy is still far from being stable, they just set it back again. In the meantime, the blatant waste continues. Fucking criminal Governors fuck up and now citizens are forced to pick up the tab.

Quite frankly, I don't fucking get it. I realize the deficit is huge and there is great need for more funds but how does this generate more funds? Take for instance taxing of online purchases. Amazon and other e-tailers that have affiliates in Illinois would just simply cut off their relationships with them and continue business as usual. The revenue that the affiliate makes is taxable. So actually, this move is a net loss. In this tough economy where a lot of small businesses are barely getting by, this is probably a death sentence. They would probably have to move if they are to survive taking their tax revenue and jobs with them! So again, a net loss. You have to hand it to these guys - fucking arrogant bastards. I wish I could do the same. I have a budget problem, so Ill go to my employer and force them to give me a raise so my I can address my budget problems. I wonder what happens next? They'll probably tell me to go fuck myself and not let the door hit my ass on the way out! Come next elections, this is just about guaranteed to happen. This is fucking economic and political suicide.

This is as stupid as it gets and they are going to pay dearly in the next elections. This is wrong and they fucking know it. There has to be another way and those fuckers just were too fucking lazy to come up with other ways to cut costs. No wonder the FBI calls this the most corrupt state. Every politician wants to preserve their "cut" so no cost-cutting allowed. What's worse is Wisconsin and Indiana are laughing at us. This is fucked up. Never in my life did I picture Wisconsin or Indiana be a better spot than Illinois. What the fuck happened here?

Google's Chromium CR-48

In my previous post, I talked about the pros and cons of the Google's CR-48 with the "browser only" OS called Chromium. I find this concept very interesting and I have been thinking about it and asking myself as to why no one has done it before. Well, I must say that this is a very good start for Google. I think the future will be browser only OS. I do like the new netbook for personal use but more importantly, I like it because of what it can represent. For me, it represents opportunity. Here's what I mean by that...

I recently had an opportunity to travel to the Philippines for an extended period of time. Its truly a remarkable place blessed with the some of the most spectacular sceneries nature has to offer. However, like most countries, it is not immune to problems. I also have seen the horrible poverty that some people live through on a daily basis.  I saw kids on the street trying to sell you stuff so they can eat that day. What surprised me was despite all that hardship, they seem to smile a lot and more importantly, seem to be genuinely happy.  They seem to be full of hope. One kid reminded me so much of niece and I couldn't help myself so I decided to buy from one that kid. I chatted with her a bit and see what her story is about. She told me that she is trying to save some money so she can go to school. Her parents do not make enough to feed 8 kids so she has to help out and at the same time, hope that she can go to school. She then left and went to the other kids who were selling stuff too jumping and was so proud she made a sale. I was dumbfounded. I bought a string of flowers called "Sampaguita" and I probably overpaid for it. I gave her 200 pesos (roughly about $5) and told her to keep the change. She was so happy. That was the best $5 I have ever spent in my entire life! The feeling I got was so wonderful I think I actually owe her more!

So going back to how this new CR-48 and what it can be. I think this device presents an opportunity. I can see this kid and thousands just like her having one of these netbooks watching recorded or live classes. You can resolve the issue of overcrowding in schools. More importantly, this resolves the issue of having access to the schools since  the school is at home! She can even perhaps earn a diploma, go to high school and eventually college!

Well people might say that you can do that now - you don't need this device. The problem with that theory is that while it is true that cloud computing has arrived, not everyone has access to it. The backend is still very expensive. If Chromium becomes mainstream and everything is open-source, then costs should go down. Access would be much more affordable. I realize that I maybe a bit of a dreamer specially with that college stuff but just giving that kid an opportunity experience the Internet, it would be worth it. Some education is better than none.

Let me put it another way, what if she comes up with a very clever website that a lot of people would like to go to and becomes an interent mogul? Or if she is able to develop a killer app? You don't need degrees for that - just sheer determination and I think she has plenty of that. Wouldn't that be worth it?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Web businesses furious with sales tax plan - chicagotribune.com

Web businesses furious with sales tax plan - chicagotribune.com

Well - they finally did it. They destroyed online businesses in Illinois. I dont get it. What the fuck is this shit? What's this horseshit? It don't matter to jesus!

Apparently the State is fucking broke..so the fuck what?. The last 2 governors are or should be in jail! So yeah - they fucked up! why are we the ones getting fucked?

The local retailers supposedly supported this... I don't get it, don't majority of these retailers sell online anyway? If they don't, why the fuck not? Even I whore stuff out on the net and I don't even have a store! why not take advantage of the vast market created by the internet? I don't fucking get it..

Well I guess there's a lot in this world I don't understand but Ive never been to france neither.  I haven't seen the queen in her damn undies as the fella would say.. but sometimes there's an entire legislature who have nothing better to do but to cut off your johnson....

bunch of fucking assholes!

Monday, January 3, 2011

First Impressions on my Free Chromium Netbook


FAST bootup - well, this thing is freaky fast. The damn thing is up and running when you open it - its like it knows that you want to go on the Internet. I got so paranoid I duck taped the damn webcam just to be sure!

FREE - this is the best feature. Google gave it to me for free. It also comes with Verizon 3G integrated and you get like $10 worth of browsing. I don't use it but its kinda cool to have just in case your in the john and your neighbor's wifi can't reach. Not that I get internet access that way, but just in case.. gotta be thorough nowadays.

BATTERY LIFE IS good - its not great but i'd say its very good. I don't know if its still on when I close the lid because the damn thing comes up so quick you really can't tell if its powered off or not but it usually lasts for a couple of days before charging it again. The longest I used it off and on was when I first got it. I used it for 4 days off and on and the battery on the 4th day. Not bad. I since lowered the back light so I think I can get more out of it now.


BARE - The outside seems to be stripped of every feature imaginable so I guess they did the same thing on the inside. I keep looking for a good anti-virus software for it but I guess there's no need. It does come with a SD card slot but there is no easy way to access it.

APPS - There are available apps but they are very few. This one is really not a con per se but I was expecting android market type of web store where there are a ton of free apps. I did find one app I need - Kodigen - which allows me to edit code for my site much like notepad ++.

KEYBOARD DONT LIGHT UP - this drives me nuts! This is what I liked about the IBM laptops when they first introduced that light. That was like 10 years ago. C'mon man! Its time! Make the keyboard light up so its easier to use at night! All laptops/netbook have this problem but we have the technology - make it happen!

KEYPAD - well, the keypad sucks. I am starting to get a hang of it but its still a major pain in the ass. Why can't they make it like a regular one?

Overall Impression - well you can't beat free so in that regards, it's awesome! Its not a bad netbook but I am not so sure I am ready to replace my windows just yet and go with an all browser OS. I am not quite sure what its advantages are over the android just yet. Maybe as more apps come along then it will get better. But its great for updating blogs, facebook, twitter, etc.. basically browsing stuff but actually working on it... I don't think so. The keypad sucks and its hard to get used to. Also, creating documents in word is so much easier still than Google apps. Its a great start and might eventually get there but not quite there yet. Also, forget about watching HD videos on it. This one I don't get actually. Screen resolution is at 1280x800 but even youtube videos that I know are 720p and even 1080 only show up to 480p. Video also freezes from time to time at 480p but overall not bad. I just wish you can watch videos in HD.

If you need a fast device to browse the net, pay bills, update your facebook/blog, etc, do research, just normal browsing and you hate tablets because they don't have a full keyboard and they are expensive, then this device is for you. Its convenient in a sense that all your files are on the internet. Its also annoying that it is on the internet and can't get to it when your neighbor's wifi goes down. Again, not an issue for me as I have my own but I am just saying..

Think of this netbook as robin and your old laptop as batman. It is capable and has a ton of potential but not quite there yet!

Happy New Year!

Wow! Holidays went by fast! I was busy but I am not exactly sure about what. It was a blur... no it wasn't the alcohol I think.. I am still learning quite a bit but I have been lazy posting. I would make a resolution to post more often but like everyone else, I don't keep my resolutions so what's the point.

Anyway, I feel good about 2011. I feel like this is the year for me. I stumbled upon my horoscope for 2011 and it confirms my gut feelings so I am all set.

Well here's to a Happy and Prosperous New Year to us all!