Monday, January 24, 2011

Created my first android app!

A while back, I applied for the Google's app inventor. Supposedly, App inventor was created for people like me who doesn't necessarily know how to program but can follow some instructions. I work in IT and like most geeks, I am not always good at following instructions. As a matter of fact, I never follow the manual until I get stuck. Well, I was stuck and didn't exactly to do at first. For starters, my motorola cliq phone sucks and it does not have the drivers for the app inventor to work. I stopped right there. Google actually thought about this and they knew that a lot of phones will not be compatible so they had a built-in emulator. I knew this back then but decided to put it off until I get a suitable phone. Problem is, I don't really want a new phone - well I do, but I don't want the expense of buying a new one.

Anyway, I finally got off my ass and started to get look around app inventor. Google did a nice job with the "Build your first app with the emulator". It showed the step by step process and I was able to test it on the emulator. I just followed the instructions and the kitty purred like a bastard! It was awesome!

So to my first official app, I wanted to create an app that would display a website that is already made for mobile devices. It's essentially a bookmark url. The problem with bookmark urls though is that you cannot send that bookmark to someone else. An app would do the job. I am not going through all the details on how I got the app built but essentially, I just played around with it trying different things and got it tot work! As it turns out, the app was so simple  I didn't even really need the emulator.  I packaged it and appinventor actually generated a barcode for it. I scanned it on my cliq, downloaded the app and viola! a working URL bookmark! Next step is to customize it and let the user add their own bookmarks - currently, it is just set to a specific url.

Kewlness! Got my first andriod app!

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