Saturday, January 29, 2011

Done with the first one!

I am officially done with my first project! Feels good to accomplish it. The niche site is up and running and it looks good. Really worked hard on it and followed Pat's advice (from SPI) on the back linking strategy. We'll see the results. It's been a week since I have launched the site but I didn't consider it done until I was done with the back linking stuff. It's a lot of hard tedious work but what I found in writing those articles is that at times, the words just start to flow and I just type. It's almost like I can have an out of body experience and see myself typing. Its weird. I never knew that I could do that but now I know. The most consuming time I found was actually not writing articles themselves - although that actually consumes quite a bit of time - but the the actual back linking itself takes forever! What sucks too is that some article directories take forever to approve your article. I guess it's my welcome to article marketing. I use evernote to keep track of my notes - to keep track of what works and what doesn't.  I am also using it on research clipping research materials as I add more articles to the niche site. That app is just awesome!

I've also set up google analytics but I am starting to get confused on it. I thought I understood it but I am not so sure at what I am looking at anymore so I am going to read a book about it and hopefully help my situation. All that data but I don't know if what I think they mean is what it really means - time to get some clarification fast. The sam's teach yourself google analytics in 10 mins seems ok - hopefully it has what I am looking for.

4 hour body experiment is on the way! I am using evernote and google docs to track my results. I make my measurements every morning and today was my binge day! so awesome! I am not eating like crazy but I am eating stuff I normally didn't eat during the week. I am also more active today we'll see if this works. I am also putting my own tweaks on it - I know Im not supposed to but what the hell.. it seems to be working so far! I am documenting all of it in evernotes and Ill tweak the program once i get the results.

Life is good! Time to move on to my next project. Although I know I have to write some more for the first one but that's ok. I know More work is up ahead but I am excited. Every time I  start to feel I am in a rut I just dare myself to move. Every time I start to think that a task is overwhelming - I just think about momentum - that all I have to do is overcome inertia and the rest will follow.

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