Thursday, January 27, 2011


Found a new great tool called evernote. It lets you record anything photos, notes, web stuff, documents, email, and access it anywhere. They have a desktop version, android app and you can access it via browser! Its amazing stuff!

I am starting to use it for taking notes on the projects that I have undertaken and so far its working great. I am currently using 4 tools to keep track and organize - google docs, astrid for tasks (android), taskos (android) so i can sync with gtasks, and simple notes(android). I am trying to consolidate all of them into evernote and I think with the exception of Astrid and Google docs, I might be able to do so. Astrid and Google docs I like and you can't create spreadsheets in evernote. You can link to them though which is what I do.

It's been wonderful tracking projects, seeing my notes and being to see it and update it from anywhere is great. I am using the freebie one. It does have a small ad the bottom left hand side but its not intrusive - barely even noticed it. You need pay a subscription to get rid of it as well as get bigger storage. The tagging feature is wonderful - no need for folders! Its easy to organize my notes viewing them by tags is great!

I like it! Great app! Kudos to evernote people!

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