Monday, January 3, 2011

First Impressions on my Free Chromium Netbook


FAST bootup - well, this thing is freaky fast. The damn thing is up and running when you open it - its like it knows that you want to go on the Internet. I got so paranoid I duck taped the damn webcam just to be sure!

FREE - this is the best feature. Google gave it to me for free. It also comes with Verizon 3G integrated and you get like $10 worth of browsing. I don't use it but its kinda cool to have just in case your in the john and your neighbor's wifi can't reach. Not that I get internet access that way, but just in case.. gotta be thorough nowadays.

BATTERY LIFE IS good - its not great but i'd say its very good. I don't know if its still on when I close the lid because the damn thing comes up so quick you really can't tell if its powered off or not but it usually lasts for a couple of days before charging it again. The longest I used it off and on was when I first got it. I used it for 4 days off and on and the battery on the 4th day. Not bad. I since lowered the back light so I think I can get more out of it now.


BARE - The outside seems to be stripped of every feature imaginable so I guess they did the same thing on the inside. I keep looking for a good anti-virus software for it but I guess there's no need. It does come with a SD card slot but there is no easy way to access it.

APPS - There are available apps but they are very few. This one is really not a con per se but I was expecting android market type of web store where there are a ton of free apps. I did find one app I need - Kodigen - which allows me to edit code for my site much like notepad ++.

KEYBOARD DONT LIGHT UP - this drives me nuts! This is what I liked about the IBM laptops when they first introduced that light. That was like 10 years ago. C'mon man! Its time! Make the keyboard light up so its easier to use at night! All laptops/netbook have this problem but we have the technology - make it happen!

KEYPAD - well, the keypad sucks. I am starting to get a hang of it but its still a major pain in the ass. Why can't they make it like a regular one?

Overall Impression - well you can't beat free so in that regards, it's awesome! Its not a bad netbook but I am not so sure I am ready to replace my windows just yet and go with an all browser OS. I am not quite sure what its advantages are over the android just yet. Maybe as more apps come along then it will get better. But its great for updating blogs, facebook, twitter, etc.. basically browsing stuff but actually working on it... I don't think so. The keypad sucks and its hard to get used to. Also, creating documents in word is so much easier still than Google apps. Its a great start and might eventually get there but not quite there yet. Also, forget about watching HD videos on it. This one I don't get actually. Screen resolution is at 1280x800 but even youtube videos that I know are 720p and even 1080 only show up to 480p. Video also freezes from time to time at 480p but overall not bad. I just wish you can watch videos in HD.

If you need a fast device to browse the net, pay bills, update your facebook/blog, etc, do research, just normal browsing and you hate tablets because they don't have a full keyboard and they are expensive, then this device is for you. Its convenient in a sense that all your files are on the internet. Its also annoying that it is on the internet and can't get to it when your neighbor's wifi goes down. Again, not an issue for me as I have my own but I am just saying..

Think of this netbook as robin and your old laptop as batman. It is capable and has a ton of potential but not quite there yet!

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