Friday, January 7, 2011

Web businesses furious with sales tax plan -

Web businesses furious with sales tax plan -

Well - they finally did it. They destroyed online businesses in Illinois. I dont get it. What the fuck is this shit? What's this horseshit? It don't matter to jesus!

Apparently the State is fucking the fuck what?. The last 2 governors are or should be in jail! So yeah - they fucked up! why are we the ones getting fucked?

The local retailers supposedly supported this... I don't get it, don't majority of these retailers sell online anyway? If they don't, why the fuck not? Even I whore stuff out on the net and I don't even have a store! why not take advantage of the vast market created by the internet? I don't fucking get it..

Well I guess there's a lot in this world I don't understand but Ive never been to france neither.  I haven't seen the queen in her damn undies as the fella would say.. but sometimes there's an entire legislature who have nothing better to do but to cut off your johnson....

bunch of fucking assholes!

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