Friday, January 14, 2011

Well they finally did it! They destroyed the state!

Now that Governor Quinn has passed this tax hike, goodbye businesses and hello higher unemployment rates! We are now the laughing stock of the midwest. Wisconsin and Indiana are licking their chops as they fight for fleeing businesses. Its economic suicide if you ask me and at a time when the economy is still far from being stable, they just set it back again. In the meantime, the blatant waste continues. Fucking criminal Governors fuck up and now citizens are forced to pick up the tab.

Quite frankly, I don't fucking get it. I realize the deficit is huge and there is great need for more funds but how does this generate more funds? Take for instance taxing of online purchases. Amazon and other e-tailers that have affiliates in Illinois would just simply cut off their relationships with them and continue business as usual. The revenue that the affiliate makes is taxable. So actually, this move is a net loss. In this tough economy where a lot of small businesses are barely getting by, this is probably a death sentence. They would probably have to move if they are to survive taking their tax revenue and jobs with them! So again, a net loss. You have to hand it to these guys - fucking arrogant bastards. I wish I could do the same. I have a budget problem, so Ill go to my employer and force them to give me a raise so my I can address my budget problems. I wonder what happens next? They'll probably tell me to go fuck myself and not let the door hit my ass on the way out! Come next elections, this is just about guaranteed to happen. This is fucking economic and political suicide.

This is as stupid as it gets and they are going to pay dearly in the next elections. This is wrong and they fucking know it. There has to be another way and those fuckers just were too fucking lazy to come up with other ways to cut costs. No wonder the FBI calls this the most corrupt state. Every politician wants to preserve their "cut" so no cost-cutting allowed. What's worse is Wisconsin and Indiana are laughing at us. This is fucked up. Never in my life did I picture Wisconsin or Indiana be a better spot than Illinois. What the fuck happened here?

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