Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cubs Fans - Spring Training Is Just Around the Corner

Superbowl just ended with the hated packers winning it all. I picked them to win even though I hate the packers. I must admit that ther story was too good for them to come up short. Once they have beaten my beloved Bears, there was no stopping Aaron Rodgers. That asshole! How come the fucking packers land franchise QBs just like that? Bears can't hit water if they fell off a fucking boat when it comes to QBs! They had to give up so much just to land Cutler that they no longer could afford an offensive line.

I digress - so going back to the Cubs.. ahh Cubs. My brain tells me that they are probably going to suck again this year but I also said that with the Bears when they were in training camp. I don't know if its the Cub fan in me who in the back of my mind still believe that this would be the year - and I have been saying that every year for so many years only to get disappointed again and again but somehow my heart tells me it will be different this year. Fucking Cubs... its like an ex who just won't go away but you can't stop liking. 

The only solace is that I know I am not alone. Cubs fans, although at times - ok always - obnoxious remain strong and still believe!

Cubs may have sucked for the most part of the century but you know there will always be that one time.... and that time is now! I still believe... EAMUS CATULI!! Go Cubbies!!!! 

AC000000 in 2011!

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