Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2 months went by fast!

For 2 months I haven't posted anything here. Just been lazy. Have been busy with a project with work which is both sucky (if that's a word) and good. Good because I am learning a lot and it sucks because I can't get to do the other stuff that would help me find my muse. Well that's my excuse - not really a reason

My websites are still up and running and traffic is steady but I haven't paid much close attention to it. I figured I'd just let it take its course and see where it takes me. Translation - I haven't made shit from it but I'd like to keep things positive.

What happened the last 2 months? I went to Europe and really liked it there! Paris was awesome but so was Italy. Madrid was beautiful and so was Lisbon. The French were the nicest people contrary to popular belief - italians are rude - not all of course but most of the people i encountered were. Compared to the brits though, italians are saints! The Brits are snob, rude assholes! Italy is a beautiful country and the romans built some good shit over there... fucking amazing!

There isn't a single starbucks in italy I was wondering about that until I tasted Italian coffee. Italians would absolutely piss on starbucks! Starbucks is trying to recreate the coffee bar experience in Italy and fails miserably. Coffee in starbucks is just bigger but the taste is not even close.

Italian food is amazing! French butter is out of this world! Everything just tastes better over there - only issue is the price. Its fucking expensive!

My travel to Europe just fueled even more my desire to travel the world! I have to find my muse. I was reading an article about traveling and writing and how writing for a living can be a good source of income for a traveler. Article said that writing is just another skill and hence, it can be learned. So I write - I know my writing sucks.. my thoughts are fucking everywhere.. but fuck it.. just continue to write like no ones reading and in this case - no one is reading...

Keep on keeping on!!!

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