Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dumbass Lions!!

How many times are you going to kick yourself in the balls before you understand that it hurts??

Dumbass Lions!!! you do not kick to the greatest punt returner to have ever played the game!! Thank God the lions special teams are ran by idiots and my beloved Bears gave them a good kick in the ass!!!

That broke the game wide open. Lions still had a chance despite the early turnovers because the Bears offense kept stalling but as soon as Hester broke them down, it was all over. Funny thing was he was already close in 2 previous punts and again the dumbass lions kept kicking to him.

 Bears are 6-3 and the Chargers seemed to have lost their charge - pun intended. Hester should be alright and the defense is starting to play really good. The offensive line has gotten better but still needs improvement. Lance Louis has been downright nasty and for crying out loud, pay Matt Forte!!!!

Bears 34 - Chargers 24!!! Go Bears!!!

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