Monday, November 14, 2011

Pacquiao lost that fight!

First of all, I am a huge Manny Pacquiao fight and I still think he is pound-for-pound the best boxer in the world. Last Saturday though, he was not the better man.

I always thought that Marquez was egregiously being undersold in this fight. He is a very good technical boxer. Unfortunately, boxing fans including myself prefer to see brawlers like Manny. Superstars always get the benefit of the doubt and to be fair, Pacquiao did do enough to make the fight really close. Nacho made a tactical mistake telling his fighter that he was ahead by so many points. Marquez gave that fight away. It seems like Nacho and JMM forgot that Manny held the championship belt and if you want to it, you are going to have to take it!!

As for JMM stepping on Pacquiao, does it have merit? Maybe, maybe not but in my opinion, mostly not. Pacquiao fights southpaw and JMM fights regular stance and MP getting stepped on is part of the game.  More importantly, that is not why Pacquiao lost that fight. There was no aggression in him unlike in his previous fights. He is now too refined and he lost that sheer aggression he had before and understandably so (being already rich). Ali had Smokin Joe (RIP) and MP has JMM. I don't think a rematch will prove anything.

As far as conspiracy theories go, wouldn't it be logical for Pacquiao to scale back his game (but not lose) so Mayweather will start to think that he can take on Pacquiao?

A Pacquiao - Mayweather fight will bring in more money now that Pacquiao does not seem to be that invincible! Mayweather beating Pacquiao is complete nonsense though - if the fight does happen, Pacquiao will knock his ass out!

Pacquio vs. Mayweather will be thrilla in Manila 2!!!!

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