Friday, August 30, 2013

Almost 2 Years..

Its been almost 2 years since my last post...

a lot has happened - some good some bad but you roll with it. As the dude would say, strikes and gutters man, strikes and gutters!

I have to been too lazy to write and hence no new posts. Its not like anyone is reading this shit anyways. This is more for me really. I am getting old and my memory is starting to suck. I need to start writing things down which was one of the goals why I started this blog. I wanted to find my muse... and I wanted to document everything that would lead me to my muse but I got lazy.. and my muse is still out there. Not doing too bad though overall.

Since I am doing ok, I start to wonder if that prohibits me from actually finding my muse.. I mean since I am comfy, I am not on the edge to do much stuff - you know?? but I am too afraid of working really hard.. I guess being comfortable will do for now..

There you go as I was writing this, I figured it out! Being comfy stopped me from writing because I had nothing to write! This blog was supposed to be for finding my muse but I wasn't looking so no writing.

Well fuck that! I figured I have to write and might as well write something I find interesting. So lately, rooting phones and tablets have piqued my interest. For starters, rooting your phone can be fun and challenging plus those fucking service providers loaded a bunch of crap apps I never use that I really think slows my phone down. I think its by design by the way, so this way, you are forced to get a new one!

Well fuck that!! This new interest of mine all started with the Barnes and Noble Nook. I remember when the first nook e-reader came out and I bought it and loved it. However, the newer nooks were lame and so I moved on to the google nexus 7 which I really like.

However, as time progressed, I wanted a larger screen but I wasn't prepared to spend a small fortune for a larger tablet. I also didn't want any cheap Chinese knock offs either. I was in a B&N store one day and I started checking out the nook HD+. It is nice especially the screen but the B&N custom interface was incredibly lame. The best part was the price. At $149 for a 16 GB tablet and expandable to 64 GB with an SDCARD, it was a great deal! Granted the B&N was stopping production on it but it is a very nice tablet with quality materials and workmanship.

The interface had to go though...but what if I can root it and turn it to a regular android device ala nexus 10? so I researched to see how to root a nook HD+ device. As it turns out, I am not the only with the idea, in fact a lot of people had the same idea and have already rooted their devices and loaded custom roms on it. So much so that they have made it so easy to do.

Success!! Now, I have a 9 in tablet running on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean complete with Google now, Google apps, Netflix as well all the other apps I wanted!! I got hooked!! Why not do the same with my phone? So I did and it was much more difficult to do but rewarding nonetheless! Now the old t-mobile mytouch 4G is running android 4.3 and the best part is now, I can tether wirelessly! My wife was always complaining about her phone being slow so I rooted that too!

Rooting is not that difficult because others have already done the real hard part. What makes it hard is that you have to search for on how do it. It is all over the place. Problem was I keep forgetting what I did so I decided to write it down.. getting old really sucks.. so Ill post the steps I did on how I rooted my devices.

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