Friday, September 13, 2013

How to root B&N Nook HD +

Well here it is - this is the device that got me interested in this rooting business. You can turn a $150 nook HD+ device to full blown Android device ala Nexus 10. Nexus 10 starts at $399 so rooting a nook was very enticing. Although B&N is getting out of the tablet business, I think it's a good value. By the time this gets old, there would be a new ipad, nexus, galaxy tab anyway so why not? at $150, why not?? Don't take my word for it though, here's a cnet review

Modifying or replacing your device's software will void your device's warranty, lead to data loss, hair loss, financial loss, privacy loss, security breaches, or other damage, and therefore must be done entirely at your own risk. No one but yourself is responsible for your actions. Good luck.

If you are a noob (newbie) like me, you can brick your phone/device and this more than likely voids your warranty. So If you feel that you are not ready to lose that device, don't do it. Proceed with extreme caution. You have been warned!!

Let's get started shall we..

First you'll need the following

  • Nook HD plus obviously
  • microSD Card (at least 4GB but I would recommend 8 GB) - $6 in amazon for an 8GB sd card
  • another microSD card 32 GB to put in the microSD slot for later use - optional but I bought one anyway because its cheap ($20 in amazon) 
  • Recovery - I use clockworkmod  (CWM)
  • Custom Rom (Cyanogenmod)
  • Gapps (google apps)
The rooting process cannot be simpler

  • Download the files
  • Create a bootable SD Card and install recovery
  • Backup stock rom (optional but recommended - just in case)
  • Install CM 10.2
  • Install gapps
On my nook, I decided to use CM 10.2 - which is the latest and greatest (Android 4.3). Running bleeding edge comes with issues since it has not been thoroughly tested - but its been working well for me so I use it. You can use an earlier version if you like - just download the CM version and corresponding gapps - the steps are the same. With that said, go ahead and download the following files
Now, to create the bootable SD card

  • unzip the boot image file (about 4 GB)
  • unzip the win32diskimager and run the Win32diskimager.exe. Choose the boot image file and let it complete
  • Access the sd card to make sure you can read files (you may need to remove and re-insert your sd card)
  • Copy the CM 10.2 zip file to the micro sd card
  • Copy the CWM Recovery zip file to the micro sd card
  • Copy the Gapps zip file to the micro sd card
Now that we have a bootable SD card, we are ready to backup your stock rom
  • Power off you Nook
  • Put the bootable sd card you just created in the micro sd card slot (bottom of the nook, there should be flap you can pull out)
  • Power on your nook. You should see the 'Cyanoboot' logo on the screen on boot-up
  • Once you are in CWM recovery, use the volume buttons to move the cursor and the n (nook) button to select and the power button to go back.
  • Select 'backup and restore', then 'backup'. CWM will now start to backup your stockrom to the micro SD card. The backup files will be in the clockworkmod folder.
Now that you have a backup, we can start to load our custom rom
  • Select 'wipe data/factory reset' then follow the prompts to finish
  • Select 'install zip from sd card' then 'choose zip from sd card'. 
  • Select and Install the CWM recovery
  • Select and Install the CM 10.2
  • Select and Install Gapps
  • Remove the micro sd card
  • Reboot your Nook
That's it folks - it is really that easy and it works! Your nook should start booting to Cyanogenmod 10.2. If you bought the 32 GB micro SD card, you can insert that in the micro SD slot and place your ebooks and movies there. 

All the credit goes to  XDA developers - particularly verygreen who did most of the work here. Also kudos to Scott Rosenquist whose youtube video inspired me to go ahead and purchase the nook hd+ then root it. In fact, this tutorial is based on his tutorials - I just use CM 10.2 

Screenshot of my Nook HD+


  1. Perfect instructions! Massive thanks from me. I've been trawling through the XDA forums for the last week trying to decipher the best way to do this update, and your method worked first time for me (using a Sandisk 8gb class 4 Micro SDHC card).

    For anyone wanting to do do this upgrade using a mac (like I did), just follow the instructions above, but instead of using Win32 Disk Imager to create a bootable SD card, use a little app called PiWriter (which despite it's confusing name is not just for formatting cards with Rasperry Pi).

    Thanks again. And for anyone who might be concerned that this looks like a tricky upgrade - don't be. I have no technical background at all and it was totally straightforward. It takes less than 20 minutes - and most of that is spent waiting for stuff to either download or upload.

  2. no worries - I was doing the same thing you were in XDA - it took me some time to figure out the instructions on XDA as well so I decided to write down what i did - glad it helped :)

  3. Do you recommend a type of sd card? Everything I read says you need a sandisk class4, I only have a lesser quality sd card, do you think it is necesary that I buy a better card?

  4. Just a update, this did not work for me. Once I rebooted, I got a message that the ASOP keyboard was not working. I could not input anything on any of the setup screens.

    1. I know I'm massively late here, but when you do this process it temporarily disables the touch screen ability. Use the volume control for up/down, and the "N" nook button to enter on your selections.

  5. Thank you for the info! I completed the steps successfully today.

    Question: I have a "smart cover" to wake the nook when I open it up. But it simply turns the screen on, I still have to 'swipe the ring' to unlock the screen. With the stock Nook setup the cover would wake it and bypass the lock screen and take me straight to where I left off.

    Is the difference a characteristic of Android 4.3? (I have 4.0 on my phone so I've never used 4.3)
    Or is the difference a bug with CM 10.2's implementation of Android 4.3?

    Or do I have a setting messed up that is preventing the behavior I desire?


  6. Worked like a charm, followed your instructions to the letter and everything went smoothly. Thanks a lot for taking the trouble to write this tutorial, it saved me loads of time.

  7. Spot on instructions, my Nook HD7 is now rooted and glad to be rid of the B&N OS, but top flight tablet and screen. Thanks

  8. Does it work for Nook HD+ Version 2.2.0??

    1. That's what I would like to know. I have a Nook HD+ 32GB and wanted to root it but it's a much more complex procedure than jailbreaking the iPad 1 that I have.

      I wish I could simply plug it into the computer, run a program and voila! it's done. lol.

      So if anyone can verify if THIS method outlined above in the post will work with firmware 2.2.0 I'd be appreciative. Thanks!

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