Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stop Chasing the money and Start Chasing the Passion

Been reading Tony Hsieh's book lately - delivering happiness - and its a good one. He said something that really hit home - stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion.

I was reminded of Tim Ferris' 4 hour workweek book and the path I started in finding my muse - and even though I think I get it, I am now starting to think that I still don't get it. I didn't get the message the first time and although I think I get it now, I will probably lose sight of the target again. What am I babbling about?? I have been chasing the money too much and not chasing the passion. I tried to create several niche websites but then I was writing about things I really didn't like. I was interested in the creative process - specifically, the technical process but I was more interested in the revenues that it would potentially generate. After doing much reading and actually doing less and less, it got too boring for me. I figured, the muse was not there. Finding topics that people would like (trending) and then researching it and writing about it was not my thing.

When Tony's company (link exchange) got bought out by microsoft, he was required to stay for 12 months to "vest in peace". He realized that he had all the money that he needs yet he wasn't happy. Simple things made him happy. Building things made him happy - basically, being happy as it turns out was about enjoying life. That made me think of my own happiness and think about the times when I am happy. And like Tony, simple things made me happy - building things, making things, figuring things out, learning something new and travelling was when I was most happy.

I was talking with a buddy of mine the other day and I asked him if he thinks Tim Ferris would be proud with what I have done with my mini-retirement and what I do now, he said something interesting - he said that Tim would probably consider me "new rich". Looking back, from where I was back in 2008 to where I am now, I am doing great! Mini-retirement was a risk but it was well worth it and I am even a better position now. I am still learning from people like Tony - be happy!

Anyway  lesson learned today was stop chasing money its a fools errand and start chasing your passion. Find your muse - again! Hope it sticks this time.

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