Monday, October 7, 2013

What can you do with your rooted Nook HD+?

In the previous posts, I have shown that you can turn a Nook HD+ into a regular android device ala nexus 10 less the cameras - but what can you do with it?

Well there's a lot you can do with it but here's an idea

Read Magazines, ebooks, comic books for free. Although you can do this in an unrooted Nook, it's much cooler with a rooted Nook - no ads!! How? 
  • Install ad-away - this is not in google apps. You have to sideload this app. You can download it Why do you need it? It will block ads of course!
  • Get a good free e-reader from Google Apps (I use ebookdroid reader). Most good free e-readers come with ads. The only way to get rid of the ads is to purchase the app - or you can install ad-away. You will be able to enjoy the full app without the annoying ads. However, if you are well off, go ahead and install the full version to support the developers.
  • Download the media you want - links are below. Now you have to be patient - some of the links will not work.  If the links do not work or require a login, be patient. Check back another day and see if there are other available links. It's free - so be patient.
  • Put the e-mag/e-book/e-comics you downloaded into your Nook HD+ and use ebookdroid reader to start reading
  • Enjoy!!
Here are some links where you can download stuff

comic books
Enjoy - here are some screenshots!

Cool? more to come :)

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