Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meet Plan Go!

I attended this seminar - Meet Plan Go! in Chicago a few weeks ago and it was awesome! I wish I attended one of these things before I went on my trip! They have these seminars all around the country and if you can, I highly suggest you attend them - it is free and they give you goodies!

They also had free food and lots of giveaways and prizes. Oh yeah they also have great information about traveling. The presenter was Lisa Lubin ( and they had a panel of speakers and all have traveled extensively. What's surprising was there was only 1 guy in the panel out of 4 (5 if you include Lisa) - all were women.  There was a couple and as far as I know, the 3 women were single when they took their trips! Its surprising because apparently, these women have more balls than most men apparently. They all left their jobs, sold their house and went on their trips! I mean where are the men who do this? I am not sexist - ok, maybe just a little bit but its surprising because you see on the news everyday how dangerous some of the places they went to can be. These gals went there, had a great time, learned a few things and came back to tell their stories unharmed! It actually inspired me to go to these places I was afraid to go to. Where are these places? well there's too many countries to mention but most of them were in South America which now is where I am planning to go on my next trip! Thanks to them!

Meanwhile, back at the seminar.....  It was somewhat structured but totally informal. You can ask the speakers at any given time. If you are thinking about a career break, this would be a great  resource for you. From quiting your job, cheap lodging, insurance, cheap flights, gear, selling your house/car/soul/etc... finding work while traveling (teaching english who speak better english than you speak their language), to finding work again when you come back - that is if you ever decide to come back. like these couple! They are still out there and if they can do it, I should be able to figure this out! This is exciting!


  1. Hey! So glad you enjoyed Meet Plan Go in Chicago. See...we chicks are tough!! :)
    I wanted more guys on the panel too, but overall I found less. The couple from Our own Path was to be there through skype, but REI couldn't get it together. Too bad. Stay tuned to the MPG site for future events including our upcoming Boot Camp for more intensive tips and guidance. When's your trip?!

  2. I was one of the female panelists you speak of and I'm always amazed by how many people are amazed that I've traveled mostly alone to 50 countries. Traveling alone as a woman gives you a lot of advantages. Despite having to hear the same questions all the time (Do you have children? Are you married? Why not?) most people are much more likely to help a woman than a man who may appear more of a threat.

    I've had men who have worried family direct their parents to my site just to prove that its safe for men AND women.

    Happy travels!

  3. Wow! How did you guys find this one? hmmm.... must be the backlinks..

    anyway - thanks for posting a comment! I can't believe you found this site. I honestly thought no one was reading this stuff! The stats I thought were all just me reading my own blog =).

    Anyway - thanks again!

  4. Lisa - thanks for the comment! I don't know yet when my next trip is but I am starting to plan now. I guess the right answer would be when I have enough money for it but I thought I didn't have enough money the last time I took my trip and survived - so who knows.. Ill probably just get up one day and leave =) How bout you? planning any trips soon?

  5. Megan - I tried the link to your site and it failed! whats your website url again? ill check it out so i can alleviate some of my fears too! :D