Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dare you to move..

I went to Lisa Lubin's blog site llworldtour.com as I was curious if she went travelling again and she did. Good for her! Apparently, she is going to South America - where I want to go on my next trip - specifically Columbia. On her own! Talk about shattering perceptions man. I envy that woman I can't wait to get on my trip.

Anyway, as I was perusing through her blog, I  came across a video in there about her travels and the video was quite nice. All the adventures and different places and people but what captured me the most was the background music. After a little googling, I found out that the title of the song was "Dare You to Move" by Switchfoot. Great Song and most appropriate too. The song hit me like a ton of bricks. See, I have been reading a lot lately about search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, back linking strategy, Pat's blogs from smartpassiveincome.com, and Tim Ferris's new book four hour body - basically research on how to find my muse and goals. After hearing that song, it made me realize that I am going about this the wrong way. Doing all this research can and is becoming sensory overload. I have all these ideas and what I wanted to do was to ensure that my ideas would work. I am a geek so I need data - I hate pursuing something I don't know will work. So I am gathering all this data and see if I can somehow tweak my ideas so it will give me a good chance of success. Problem is I have all this information on what to do, how to do it and all of a sudden, I am in a rut doubting if my original ideas will even work. In addition, I am bogged down by the idea of doing all that work and not really knowing if it will work!

I have reached paralysis through analysis as Tim would put it in the four hour workweek. It is so easy to get into this pattern probably because we are molded to be like this in school. Try and be good at everything and what ends up happening is you become average in everything and lack the confidence in being an expert in something. I still go through it - doubting myself - obsessed with gathering data. I know there is value to it but if I don't have anything to apply all that I learn from that input, it is useless. I just also realized that it is very hard to be cognizant that you are in that mode but I had a feeling that something was wrong. Somehow, my gut was telling me that I have lost my way. Lost focus and I was ignoring it. Well that has to end.

Dare you to move! I now have my harajuku moment. I realize I have to do something - anything really to achieve my goals. I need to rewrite all my goals and the steps to achieve those goals. This is what I am good at. Whether it will work or not, I don't know but I do know one thing, its hard to stop something in motion. MOMENTUM.  That's what I need to be - be in motion, gather momentum. Dare myself to move! Thank you Lisa Lubin!


  1. Hey there!!
    Thanks for the new mention...and thanks for watching my video. I have to admit, it still give me chills (and sometimes tears in my eyes) when I watch it/listen to it. Powerful song.

    Stay tuned for more posts on Colombia!

    PS--I found your post from my Google alerts search for my name/site. :)

  2. Hi again-
    So cool for u to link to me...but, uh, er, the link is wrong. It's missing a "D". It should be www.llworldtour.com.

  3. Ok thanks for pointing that out! fixed it :)

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